Happy Birthday......

I miss you, but I don't know what that means. You're soo extremely insensitive and attractive. You make absolutely no sacrifices unless there is praise or a reward for you in the end. You're very honest when It comes to the simple things, but unconsciously manipulative because you need to control. You point out everything you love about me when I threaten to leave you. The lies feel good but that feeling subsides when I find you taking me for granted yet once again. Your fear and jealousy of me finding happiness or succeeding isnt just your little secret. You project everything that you hate about yourself into me. Its soo foolish and obvious, yet it kills me. Just when I think you start to see me as a separate person, you revert back into your selfish world. You make me dinner, but you give yourself larger portions when you know I have a large appetite. Or do you know? You leave me unsatisfied after sex. Then thank me, like I was doing you a favor, because It's all about you. You ask me to Marry you. I start planning our future, then you ask me if we are sure we are ready for that. I am memorized by your face. I am influenced and envy the way you care soo little about others and let noone in. You have it soo easy. You don't feel the pain you inflict onto others. You are a disease. I wish I could just hold you. I want to spit in your face. Whatever your doing right now, I'm sure It's impressing or entertaining people. I wish I could have you all to myself, but I am glad to never see you again. Your disturbing mother created a beautiful monster, with the ugliest insides I've ever seen. You're a Christmas baby......Happy birthday.
Mulhollandrive Mulhollandrive
26-30, F
Dec 24, 2012