So there was this guy, I met him over spring break my junior year. He went to my school, was in my grade, and we found out that we lived right by eachother.... He treated me like a princess. He said I was beautiful without makeup, and when I had sweats on. He told me everything that made me fall in love with him. But then he became posessive. The first time we dated, he was slowly drawing me away from my friends, and he always wanted me to sit with him at lunch. which I did. I was blinded by love. We went to the beach by ourselves, and had a fantastic time. I left my phone in my bag so i could wash off the sand on my body, I came back and he was going through my phone. I took it and asked him why he was going through my phone, and he accused me of having something to hide. I told him i didnt and dropped the subject, and we left to go home. Then, prom was coming up. I wanted him to ask me and I was really excited because i had my dress and everything. He told me he promised his best friend that he would take her friend if she didnt have a date. He told me it was a maybe. My birthday passed, and i spent the night at a girls house 2 days after my birthday. I dated her neighbor before I started dating the current guy, and we left off on bad terms. My ex called me a peice of crap and left me crying and insecure. So I called the current boyfriend and cried. He then told me that If i wasnt over my ex, we couldnt be together. Out of anger I hung up on him. We then broke up and 2 minuets later he was in a relationship with the girl he was going to take to prom... I was devitated. But i still decided to go to prom. Prom night arrived and my ex and his new girlfriend were on the same bus as me. I wasnt showing any feelings towards it but yes,, it broke me. I didnt talk to him for a few months. His girlfriend and him broke up. And him and I got back together for a second time. We went and saw twilight breaking dawn part 1 and went to dinner after. we then went to his house and had sex with eachother for the first time. Then he started an argument with me the day after thanksgiving and we broke up once again..... After I was kicked out on mothers day we texted again and got back together again. I then found out from my close friend that he was cheating on me and had the other 2 times as well. So i havent talked to him. And he has a girlfriend. They broke up and yes i was happy, but now theyre back together and i am sad, again. i know he doesnt deserve me. but i love him, and i always will.....
Thebeastwithin Thebeastwithin
18-21, F
Dec 30, 2012