I Feel So Pathetic

Its been 6 months since we broke up and i am still not over him i want to be so bad but i am not. I hvae so many emotions and probablly a, a little depressed even though i dont want to admit it.

We broke up in august after dating fro a year and 7 months. He decided that since we were starting college and going seperate places we shouldnt continue dating. I was not happy with this decision because we has a good relationship and it made no sense. I still think either his parents(who are very controlling and didnt like him having a gf) or his sister put this idea into his head. I just cant seem to understand it or get over it we dated up til the day he left and everything was GREAT! (i knew he wanted to break up for awhile but thought he would change his mind) the night we said goodbye we both cried which was very unusual for him.

Since then we have talked very little and the last time we did he was rude which just hurts me so bad. It doesnt even seem to bother him and i dont seem to exsist to him anymore. I beat myself up every day because i feel like he could never of truly liked me to do this. I just want to be happy again but i cant seem to get there no matter how hard i try. I just have so many questions and am so doubting our entire relationship.

I feel so pathetic it has been 6months why am i still not over him?

Kirbiebella Kirbiebella
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

It's hard to get over someone. Really hard. I have trouble getting over a guy that is hateful towards me and, that I haven't been with in along time. The time will come when you are over him. You really cared about this guy, and that makes it even harder to get over him.