I could never imagine how much I could love somebody... And looking back at it, the love I had for you was absolutely ******* beautiful.

I ******* lost my mind. I went to the ******* nut house numerous times. I got to know myself more than I ever planned to. I lost my ******* pride in life, my status, and health(I gained it all back in time though).

I became a ******* masochist! I searched for God further than anyone I knew! At times I was on the verge of death and tried my hardest to accept whatever came for me if I thought it would bring me closer to her!

I did ******* shameful things... I mean a lot of ******* shameful things! I cursed everybody! I loved everybody! I was so ******* confused for a while. And then - slowly but surely - the pain started to fade away, and I was me again... But this time better... Richer... More real.

I had a mid life crisis when I was a teenager.
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What made you react?

The idea that my life revolved around one girl.