my ex just told me he has started seeing someone else now.  he waited for me for a year (i broke up w/him) and decided things weren't changing and even if we did get back together then i would just do that to him all over he's seeing someone else.  While on one hand that's a good thing i guess cuz he's moving on, not just waiting around for me.  On the other hand, it makes me really sad...I am so crying right now and i really didn't think it would affect me like this at all.  We haven't even slept together for a year and this still upsets me.  I guess i just thought he'd always be around ya know?  he thought i'd be mad, and i told him i wasn't mad or upset or anything.  It would only become a problem if his seeing her starts to interfere w/his seeing his daughter.  He said it won't but how do i know?  i'm just confused is all i guess.  It hurts more than i thought it would i suppose.  It does however, put me in the clear to start seeing someone too w/o worrying about it getting back to him and wondering how he would i guess it's partly good lol  I guess i just really didn't expect it to happen is all...i mean i knew it would eventually, but that still doesn't make it hurt any less.....and life goes on :)


Update 3-31-08:  yeah, this is no longer true :)  i don't miss him anymore.  My blog written today just reminds me of reasons why we split in the first place.  I'm extremely happy with who i'm with now and he'll just have to get over it and stop threatening to take our daughter away from me just because i'm seeing someone who lives out of town.  unfortunately i may have to deal with him the rest of my daughter's life, but i definitely don't miss being with him anymore.

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yay!! :D you make me happy :)

I'm glad that you aren't sad about him anymore, now ya got me, YAY!!!

thank you :) i hope you are doing well in your life too *hugs*

i have been trying to do just my own life and enjoy it! It has been a tough road, but i think i'm on a good path now :)

i hope...but, i'm not seeing signs of that yet. i like where i am now in my life and i don't think i could ever go back to being in a relationship where i couldn't be my REAL self anymore

he is very passionate about staying a part of our daughter's life. he's said that she comes first, and if whoever he's with can't deal with that, then they'll either just have to get over it or move on.<br />
<br />
he thinks I'M the best for him...but i don't think he's the best for ME....sometimes it's hard

I am on really good terms with my last ex, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I called her the othernight and I think she was on a date. I want her to be happy, I love her and want the best for her-it is just not me.

Well...he still wants to be with me. She's turned out to be a tad bit jealous and possessive (she told the girls at thier work not to talk to him) and she gets mad when he comes by my place to see our daughter...apparently he's not suppose to talk to or see me for any reason whatsoever...yeah, this isnt' gonna he still wishes i would 'come to my senses' and we could get back together

i saw "her" last night for the first time. She seems nice enough, and if she makes him happy...then i'm ok with that. I'm more comfortable with the idea now i guess, but it really didn't bother me TOO much lol

true enough, i'm slowly breaking free from these emotions, and hope to someday find someone for me :)

this is true. he's always gonna be in my life because of our daughter, but i don't think we were really meant to be. I'm better now than i was when i first found out tho lol The initial shock has worn off and i think i'm ok with him seeing someone else now :) it was just weird for a little bit lol