Aquarian Males..

  Well I had a relationship with an aquarian male. It was instant attraction even though I had convinced myself that I would never love again (after months of battling depression). Yet, he caught my fancy and the next thing I know, I found myself falling into that rabbit hole and in the wonderland which I never knew existed. We were totally alike.. same hobbies, same tastes in music and sports. It was like magic. He got my jokes. I played around with him. Tried my very best to make him jealous.. even tried hiring a guy for a day to play my date to make him J...and I think he was subtly jealous as well. It wasn't long before I found myself dying to know what he felt about me and started making plans how to go about it and it ran astray..turned out he knew about my moves from the start .. but still we found ourselves at the confrontation and well he spilled it out that he liked me from the moment he saw me.. i swear to God that I was all red and blushing and I cou;ldn't believe my stars. He had just got out of a 4 yr relationship and decided not to be exclusive and I just agreed. What followed was a disaster. I wrote a masterpiece love letter for him, which he appreciated yet didn't reciprocate.. the calls became more infrequent and i found myself hungry for him and didn't care about my prestige and begged him to talk to me and tell me what was going on. He finally told me that he isn't over his ex yet and cannot be dishonest to me and cannot see me but didn't want to stop hanging around with me. I didn't quite read it like that.. i thought he needed more time and I stuck around on his hook.. until a few months later it sank into me that it's sucks coz i know we are so compatible and everything but i just read onine that aquarians never forget their first love.. it really sucks.. even today I look for excuses to call him (like once a year) just to remind him and linger on his mind so that one day he decides otherwise, he should think about me.

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Hope you like this story from my youth.

When I was 25 I was working as a bowser boy and had the whole site to myself for 24 hours every second weekend.One Saturday this young girl comes in (13 yo she said)and has no money but would like a cigarette,well being the kind guy that I am I started to supply her with cigs each weekend.

One late afternoon she came in and was all google eyed and I thought she was getting keen on me so I asked her if she would like to see the back office.She agreed and as soon as we were back there I had her in my arms and was kissing her.

She was really responding nicely so i slipped a hand into her panties and found the most soft pubic hair I have ever felt.It was short but not cut and soft as a babies head and when I started to rub her **** she made no attempt to stop me,in fact she really did seem to enjoy it.

I slipped my hand a little further inside her panties and found her slit was nice and wet so I started to caress her ***** lips while rubbing her **** with my thumb.

She appeared to be new to this game so I pulled my **** out and guided her hand onto it,she soon started to enjoy this as much as i was so I put my hands on the back of her head and gently pushed it down,she looked up at me and I could tell it was going to be her first head job.

I told her not to worry and just start licking it like a lolly pop which she did and was soon polishing away like an old hand at it,not wanting to spoil her first hj i did not force it down her throat but kept telling her how great it felt.

At this point it was time for me to attend to a customer and when I got back I picked her up and lay her down on the lunch table.I pulled her panties off and looked at the finest young ***** I had ever seen.

I wasted no time in going down and lapping up her juices and slipping a couple of fingers into her tight box,she didn't seem like a virgin but it was the tightest little ***** i had ever fingered.She was getting just as excited as I was when I asked her if she wanted my ****.She said "Yes please "so innocently that I thought maybe this was her first time.

I pulled her little body closer to the edge with her legs resting on my shoulders and lined my **** up for the first push and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted.

She answered "yes,but please be gentle".So I started to push my dickhead between her lips and it was so wet and slippery that it just popped inside and she gave out a little squeal which I was not sure was from pleasure or pain but it was too late now and I pushed a bit more inside her.

This had to be the tightest ***** I had ever been in and it felt great(which seems strange to me now as when I **** the wife i like it to be wet and wide and preferably with some other guys ***** for lube).I pushed all the way in now and started to give her a good *******,well she gave me a good ******* too.

After a while I told her I did not want to *** in her ***** and that her *** would be safer for both of us,she was not sure as she told me she had never done it like that before but I convinced her that it was best if we wanted to avoid pregnancy as when I was ready to *** there was no way I would be able to pull out.I told her that tight little ***** would drain every drop of ***** out of me and assured her she would probably enjoy *** ******* too.

I then pulled out and lined my **** up with her ***,but thought I had better get her ready with first one and then two fingers in tight little hole ,pulled them out and with a last dip in her ***** to wet it down I started to inch my **** into her bum and boy was it tight with the head pushing in first and then having a rest for her to get used to it and also to give me a rest as it was so tight I was in danger of ******* before getting all the way in.

Then it was time to push all the way and I helped it along with a big gob of spit,man it felt so tight and warm,like a guy holding onto his **** as hard as he could.It didn't take long for me to blow my load as far up her virgin *** as i could and that certainly helped with the lube duties.I kept it in there until it was just shrinking and it came out with I could swear was a distinct pop.

I went round and kissed her lips and her face was all aglow ,like she had just had the most wonderful time.

We kept this up for a about a month until I was off for four weeks annual leave and when I returned she didn't come round again,I certainly missed her visits and wonder where she is now.

Uhm. Why it made you believe it has something to do with his star or being an Aquarius? I am Aqua myself, it maybe true. I can't forget my first love. I still think about him sometimes, I remember him but no feelings involved at all. Maybe it was the relationship he shared with her ex. Let him be ready and I guess if he really wants you, he'll come around and chase you. Goodluck!