Homesickness Sucks :(

Well i moved to the other side of the world nearly a year ago. My mum got remarried to john :) He is the best dad anyone could ask for especially since my real dad didnt bother with me or my sister once he hooked up with his now wife. So Johns dad was diagnosed terminally ill with cancer and they couldnt give a time so .. in a week we packed up everything and moved !!! One month later Grandad passed away :( Another two months later and my sister went back home to finish her studies but she has no intentions of coming back here to live with us and i dont blame her !! I wish i could go back home but i dont want to leave my mum ... she has had it really tough since we got here the only things she has are me and john. If i left she wouldnt cope .. i think she might be depressed already and i dont think i could live without her either.

The thing is .. since we have moved here it seems we are missing so much that is happening at home. My granda has been diagnosed with cancer and we dont know much about it yet and because of this my nanny and granda got married :) My mum really wanted to be there ... its so hard cause she didnt get on well with nanny and it wasnt until that week we were leaving that feelings started showing. I also have a little brother who is 4months old that i have never met, 4 cousins i havent met and im missing all my friends big birthdays >:( All of this is hard but the hardest thing is missing my sister ...

We have been fighting ever since she was born ! Im 4 years older than her and she made my life hell lol It wasnt until something happened nearly 2 years ago that she started talking instead of fighting. And you could say we became friends :) She would organise my outfits for going out , do my hair and make-up and she would be the one sitting up to find out the details. I miss all of this so much :( Since she has left we rarely speak as i think it hurts us both. I talked to her a few nights ago for the first time in 2 months !! I sat up all night because of the time difference and we spent the night laughing, crying, bitching all the things we used to do and I loved it but I just miss her even more now !!

Aww I suppose its true what people say . Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sisters by chance .. Friends by choice :) Miss you heaps Sis xOx

Funkalicious Funkalicious
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2009