Everything's Different

i may only be 16, but i feel like i love on a different planet than my family.
my entire family is a complete disaster, but ill just share about my immediate family...
my mom..we used to be best friends, now we're more like enemies. dont get me wrong, i feel bad that i make her cry all the time, but i just cant stand being in the same room as her anymore. i snap at her, even when she rarely deserves it. i havent said i love you without being forced in multiple mothsss. its just like we're stangers. i dont tell her anything, and i constantly let her down
my dad..we dont talk much. he's just kind of there. he does SO much for us but we all take advantage of him. i used to be his little girl now im just his little **** up. end of story
my older brother..we have never had a solid relationship, he was just a kid when i was born. i had a twin sister too, and when she died my parents totally disregarded him for at least a year. i think he blames me for it. we really only talk when he needs money from me or when i want alcohol or drugs.
my little brother..must disgusting, rude, annoying, and aggrivating person on this planet. he is the biggest idiot ever and i cant even understand how stupid and inconsiderate one person could be. i honestly want to burn myself when i walk out of my room because he is so filthy.
i really dislike my family, and we havent been close in years and i doubt it will everr be the same.
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1 Response Apr 18, 2012

Hurting people hurt others, and my dear you have been through enough pain. I am sorry about the loss of your sister, I am sure self medication of drugs and alchohol are used to help you cope, but dear, these are not the answer for I know you are still lost, hurt, and empty inside. If you ever need to talk, I am here. I feel your pain, and I want you to know you have someone here that may never even have met you, but wishes to let you know you are going to be okay. As for your brother, maybe offer him encouragement instead of dis- couragement; as your mom is the way she is, she is still so distraught over the loss, and as for your dad, he needs to know he is loved and not abandoned. Make an effort to change, and changes will happen! Prayers sent your way!