I Miss My Family

Me and my family have been close we would take trips together and just have fun with each other. As time and the years went by we all just grew apart. My kids are getting older now and trying to be a mom is hard now. My husband and my kids are so important to me  it's hard for me to write this i'm in so much pain i fell like i'm losing my family. I'm going through depression and my family don't know how to help me and i fell like i can't  do the simple things anymore and things end up getting messed up and this is happening almost every day and i know that i am better than this. I just want my family back we are so better than we have been acting. I sheltered my boys and me and my husband always end up fussing about the kids he says i have their backs more than i have his i have all of their backs and he does not see that and it is putting a strain on our marriage.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I understand & appreciate your situation - pls be strong & keep positive thoughts - you are doing what u can in a hard situation!