Broken Family

Today is just one of those " miss everything i had " days. I knew from the moment i woke up that today is gonna be ****** , but i didn't know why until i went outside to take a walk. And it just hit me. I really miss my family. By " family " i dont mean my mom and dad. I mean all my aunts , cousins , uncles and stuff. I would of never thought that money would break our family. I remember having such an AMAZING time. Cooking , drinking , laughing , joking around , talking about random things , being up all night partying , going swimming in the middle of the night then the next morning feeling really sick but still laughing and having the best time. I miss it so f**king much. 
I'm having kinda a hard time in general and i don't need a friend. I need my family. I really do. 
Now i can't believe that were all still mad at each other for our money problems. Honestly i thought money in my family didn't really matter. I thought we were better then that..... I guess not. And it makes me really sad cause i feel i'm the only one who still thinks , remembers and cries over all of it. 
thequeenofpain thequeenofpain
18-21, F
May 23, 2012