What Happened To Not Keeping Secrects?

I really don't know where to begin. Everything sucks right now.


1. My dad has been cheating on my mom. He is never home, and always at "work". But my mom found some texts on his phone and confronted him. this happened a few weeks ago, I've known for a few months, and never said anything. I didn't know how to bring that up. so I hoped for the best... Maybe I was just paranoid... But no. NO NO NO. My mom has since become a robot. She is trying to get back in shape for my dad. She thinks she isn't good enough... which leads me to

2. I think my mom is bulimic. Today I just got my driver's permit, and I wanted to go out to drive. she said sure on minute, and walked upstairs. I had to go put on socks so I went upstairs too. The water was running in the sink, but as soon as she heard me, she locked the bathroom door, and so I tried to get a better listen. I didn't hear anything but running water. Then she opened the door, and I saw her brushing her teeth. I was devistated.

3. My best friend is caught up in her own little world and refuses to listen to my problems because I am "too dramatic"

4. My dad no longer spends the nights here. My mom tries to pass it off as him going to close his work, but the next morning he still wasn't here, and so the next night I stayed up all night to see if he had just come home and left early for work. Again I was really giving him the benefit of the doubt, but again NO.

5. Everyone at school thinks I'm just fine. I live in a wealthier neighborhood, so apparently nothing bad ever ahppens to the well-off people. I feel very fakeĀ at school. I put on a happy face, and the day goes by slow. Everyone tels me how lucky I am that nothing bad ever happens to me, but i really is the opposite of the truth.

I sometimes just feel like I need to run away for a few hours to clear my head. I can't though. don't want to go around and ruining my "image".
It sucks. We used to be the happy family that would all sit in the family room and talk about our day. We still do, but it's awkward. And forced. I would feel so much better if they would just give it to me straight. I just want honesty. Thats it. I don;t want to go around assuming the worst, and expecting the best. I just want the truthful family to come back. The one I used to know. The one I love to be a part of, and brag about. Where did the truth go? Please... I just want answers..
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Im sorry if you dont wan't to hear this, but you can't do much i've had some horrible things happen to me too, but we just have to hold on and wait for it it to be over. I think praying helps it gives you hope and it actually helps.. just never question why something always happens for a reason wether you see it now or later.. i promise just hold on :)