My Dad Was Awesome! I Miss Him.

My dad passed away last year, on April 28th, 2010. I learned of the news as soon as I got home from work. It was a huge shock.

He had an ATV accident. He had type 2 diabetes, which began to claim his right hand. He lost the feeling and sensation in his thumb and index finger. Which may explain how the ATV accident happened. The ATV he was riding accelerated really fast into a tree. Not killing him at first. He got off the ATV, told my mom that he had wrecked his back, then collapsed to the ground (fainted), probably from the shock, then hit his head on the ATV. That was how he died. Once he collapsed, it was sudden. I don't think he suffered much, and thinking this gives me peace to know that he went quickly. He was 81. A young 81 year old.

I miss him everyday. He was my best friend. I was his little girl. We were a team. We were very much alike.

What I learned from my dad is to never ever give up. He taught me to stand up for myself and believe in myself. To be assertive, not aggresive, and to demand respect. To be good to others, and help others.

What I miss the most about him is how he could make me feel better when I would be having a tough time in life. He would always encourage me. Make me feel better about any difficult situation. Now he's gone, and I miss his wisdom and teachings.

But most of all I miss his laughter.

Luv you always and forever, till we meet again.

Your daughter.

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my thoughts and prayers go out to you ! Peter

Aw thanks Peter. :)

What precious memories of your father. He sounds like he was an honorable man and a fine role model for you. What a blessing for you. Thanks for sharing.

(((Hugs))) This was a shock for you and your family that he died so suddenly. But then again, will we ever be prepared when a beloved one dies?<br />
My grandma died at the age of 85. She told my aunt, she lived with, that she wanted to go to the toilet and when she didn't came back, my aunt found her dead on the foot of the stairs. It was a sudden cardiac death.<br />
A great comfort for you and me should be, that they hadn't to suffer a long and severe illness.<br />
My granny is dead since over 20 years now. I still miss her.

Aw thanks for sharing :)) You must have been close to your grandmother, as I was with my dad. Maybe with time it'll get easier, but as you've mentioned, they will always be missed.