My Father <3

Recently i lost my father very unexpectely, my family says i'm dealing with it well but some days are just better then others.
In february I was at work and calling my dad non stop because if he didn't answer he would always call back. He never did, i left work and went to his apartment and still no answer. I assumed the worst and called the police, the fire department came and busted open his door and found out my father passed. I seen him just earlier that week. That day has been the lowest point for me. I know its still hard for me. I miss hearing his laugh, his silly jokes and just him in general. He's had alot of medical issues and has been through alot. I wish he could be here with me, but i know it would be selfish for him to be here in pain. I always tried to make sure he was okay, if he needed me i was always there. I wish i could tell him i love him one last time. I miss and love you dad <3
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1 Response May 4, 2012

My dad has recently passed away unexpectedly and I miss him likr mad. He was my world and nothing seems the same anymore. I get up in the morning and walk round in a daze until its time to go to bed. I too like you miss his silly jokes and his beautiful face, I just feel totally shattered. Will life get any easier ?? I miss and love you dad with all my heart xxxx

It does get easier as the days go on, but there are days when i truly get sad and just cry for hours. Its been 8 months already and sometimes it doesnt feel so bad. I find myself still calling him but i find comfort in it.