Last Moment Of The Love.

I love my Dad and Mom very much. 12 Dec'12 was my father's 58th birthday. After a sweet family trip (12-17 Dec'12) my parents go back to their home. But the bad moment caught my dad as name as a road accident. He always walked after his evening prayer for 1 hour. On that day 17 Dec'12 he moved as a regular day walk but the time was not in his favor a vehicle hid his head back at once he sit down on his knee and the blood come over from his ear. The regional hospital deny to spend more time and refer to send him to Capital City Dhaka. I took him to the best hospital in Dhaka (Apollo Hospital). The hospital made a surgery and pull a part of skull of his head. In addition doctor advice me if Allah help us my dad need more time to recovery like 3-10 months. When the doctor's update about his condition I feel my Dad talked to me through him. After 10th day (27 Dec'12) of COMA we move him to another good hospital (Depham hospital) for his long treatment at evening. On that day first time he open his eye at ambulance and he moved his hand once. He felt great Allah finally took him in his care. In a sense the new doctor advice me the condition of my Dad was not good but may Allah recover him if He wish. On that night I stayed at Hospital but at early morning my Dad's heart-bid finally stopped and he moved to heaven. On the last face my Dad smiling with a dream that I never seen before in my entire life (30 year of age). He buried at East Shewarapara and he beloved by a lot of well wishers. We (My Mom, my sister and me) missed him a lot. My Dad's name is A. F. M. Maududur Rahman. Pray and Wish Allah took him to best Jannah (heaven).

Mahmudur Rahman
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asc brother ...tht makes me cry really ... my alaah accept him the highter firdows ..amiin amiin amiin yaa rabi

Sorry for your father's lose