I Miss My Dad Who Passed Away Nearly 3 And A Half Years Ago.

I remember the very day that was the last time I saw my dad ever. I was 20 years old and it was August 25, 2009. I was heading off to work at 2:30pm. My dad took half day off from work and was at home watching T.V. On my way out, I said "I get off work at 8:00pm, I'll see you later". I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed out (I know the kiss on the cheek is silly but I never got out of it!! He always tried to make me stop doing that and I still laugh about it). Fast forward to me getting off work at 8:00pm. I was out in the parking lot after work joking with some friends when my sister calls me bugging me to pick her up from work. I head off and wait for her to come out of her place of work when I get a call from my mom screaming that my dad had shot himself in the head. She was crying and screaming and so was I and my sisters. Frantically I drove home wanting to run every stop light in town but kept it together long enough to get home. My dad had already been taken to the hospital and all the while I was thinking, "there's no way he could have survived a shot to the head like that". I just had a feeling that he was gone. At home, forensics is too ******* busy getting "evidence" and while they were they cut up my dads favorite sofa to get a damn bullet and left everything a mess. We head to the hospital which was really miserable. The doctors made us wait 45 minutes and told us that they would finally admit 3 of us to see him. We head into one of the E.R. rooms and my dads not there. The only people there are two doctors who then give us the news that his heart stopped at 10:15pm and that his body was already shipped off for an autopsy. The whole time they gave us the impression that he was still at the hospital. That really made me mad. I guess that's the story of him. I can go on all day about him but I won't. He was an awesome man and an amazing dad. I don't really talk about how he died because I know I won't want to hear some of the responses I get. The whole event was an accident that caused him his life and it happened right in front of my mom. He was a great dad who spent lots of time with us, he was very intelligent and I had plans to work with him after finishing college. So much for college too huh? At the time of his passing I was working at a grocery store making minimum wages. As of last year I have had to step up as my moms company did away with her job. So at current, I am 24 years working as a systems administrator making some decent money for someone who lives at home. Helping my mom with the bills and such. My dad always made me promise that if something happened to him that I would take care of my mom. I just miss him a lot and think about him everyday. Frankly, I would give back the past three years of my life just to talk to him again. He was actually my best friend as well as a great dad. Maybe I'll finish school someday but for now, I need to keep with the job that I have. He was big on going to college too and I just hope that I have made all the right choices for him. When I go to work people have no idea how I'm feeling some days. I'm real good at hiding how I feel. I keep his obituary in my truck (which belonged to him) in the sun guard visor thing and from time to time just sit in the truck reading it on my lunch break. There has not been a shortage of days where I take my lunch break in the truck and start crying. I really want to talk to him again :(
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Jan 21, 2013