The Man In My House Just Looks Like My Father But He Truly Isn't

Back in the past, when i was just in my early pre-teen years, i loved my father. True, he caned, punished me stricter, more cruel and for the tiniest of reasons like why i got a band 3 in math. But, he loved me at least, i could feel it. Now, six years later, this man who is 'impersonating' him is a total 180 degrees opposite. He just doesn't care about me as long as i don't give him 'trouble', per se. He keeps talking of divorce in front of my brother and i like he doesn't owe us anything and that the family is just a burden instead of bringing joy to him. Why did he even bring me into the world if he views me in such a way? I've done my job as a son, got all the good grades, minded my own business, solved my own problems and never asked for anything much from him, not even money. I never bothered him with much but when it comes down to actually playing the role of a father, this 'actor' really SUCKS. Just who the heck did my real father pay to let his role be taken by a second-grade chump? Goddamnit, igrewupwithadadandlosthimbutfuckit!
Forsaken101 Forsaken101
13-15, M
Jan 22, 2013