The Day My Father Died.

I guess i could say I knew this was a mad day I had a fight with my husband and took and phone off the hook. I got woke up someone knocking on my door instead of answering it i yelled down from the bathroom who is it. It was a friend from church she said put your phone back on the hook your dad was hurt. I got dressed and went to get my oldest daughter who said right away Grandpa is dead. I said no they said he fell he is ok. She knew he was gone.
We went to the hospital and Walked into a room where my sister and Mom and Aunt were all there. I ask was dad ok they said no he had a massive heart attack and died i screamed so loud. Sarah also screamed and i almost dropped my baby Ashley. It was a night mare from that moment I felt so upset and i cryed for so long after he died march 15 1995 and i still miss him so much.
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Feb 5, 2013