My Dad :'( Xox

When i was 11 my mother told me and my brother that she was taking the day off work so she could have a nice day we though that was fine when we came home from school she was crying  we aked what was the matter (as my dad didnt live with us we were shocked she was crying) she said that our dad had bein on life support for the last week but at the date was 20th of march 2009 8 days before my birthday as soon as she told em the news i felt  me heart break in half but now i dont know what is the matter anymore i am always angry but as it is only 11days till the 1 year mark i feel my self slowly getting more and more sad like my heart is breaking more as i will be 13 march the 28th 2010. if anybody knows where i can talk to people about how i feel please do tell me as this is running an controling my life. i have one more thing i dont think he is dead is this normal tho?? xox

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My dad died when i was 11 too. Im 16 now and i never stop thinking about it. He didnt live at home either( ledt when i was 6 ) so i didnt get to say goodby. Unfortanately there isnt much i can say that will help other than remembering the good times you had with them amd if you feel like crying just cry because it dosnt help holding it in i promise. You will probably think about it all the time but yojr dad probably would not want you to be sad and not move on. Do the best you can at focusing on the good rather than the bad. Me and my dad had this saying ( dad was a skydiver)" the sky isnt the limit the ground is" meaning people who are scared stay on the ground. So dont limit yourself and have fun in all situations thats what your mom dad and your brother would want: for you to live your life. Feel free to write back if you need to and i hope this helps a little