He Was The One.

Not only do I miss my first love, I still love him like I did the first day I realized he was my soul mate.

It was exactly 5 years ago.

He and I went to high school together, and through mutual interests and friends we fell in love.

It was the first real relationship for both of us.

We were each other's first date, first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, and eventually first love.

I look back at that summer 5 years ago and sometimes I can't breathe.

We continued that passion for another 4 years.

It was the most beautiful time of my life.

We went to college together, became the closest of confidants, the best of lovers, and held onto the bond we created when we were nothing but kids.

And then it all changed. His parents suddenly got divorced. He began to question what he wanted in life. He slowly became immersed in a game called World of Warcraft. And the worst of all,he began to view me as an enemy.

After four years of a blissful existence, he decided to leave me. Claimed he no longer loved me, and left me for another woman.

It's been a year now since he left me, and the sad thing is...I still feel the same. I still feel like the high school girl 5 years ago. We still talk occasionally, and he has since left the other woman, but he truly doesn't love me. It's not fair to be stuck with these feelings.

Where does love go?

zoeyaneliz zoeyaneliz
22-25, F
1 Response May 3, 2010

Sorry, some people are just destined to be part of romantic tragedies.