The Two Of Us Is Now Three Divided

If I could write you or phone and let you know how I'm feeling I would
I never think about you much anymore,life is to full of crap.
You are my soul mate and all the money and women in the world don't change what we feel for each other.
I miss your laugh
I miss your brusqueness
I miss you telling me off
I miss our friendship.
I'm so desolate and lost without your infectious laughter.
All these years,days weeks,hours,minutes I seems like an eternity until we speak again but I wait
I know time is no division in the chaos of life.
I know you feel the same that's why my love for you is truly unconditional
All my babies should of been yours
And I know you'll never have anymore
That the child I carried for us is eternally in your heart
He is so much like you its uncanny
I miss you
I don't even think about us at all these days
I'm just waiting waiting until we meet again
PurpleQueenofNowhere PurpleQueenofNowhere
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

Wait...what happened why are u two not together..?