There's A Someone I'm Longing To See

I still long for him even though he probably never even thinks about me. All i ever did was love him and be the best girlfriend i could be and he crushes me like 3days after valentines day.I knew something was wrong i could sense it but i didnt want to believe it would ever end. i loved being with him altough sometimes he could be mean i still cared for him for who he was.after everything we went through he didnt even want us to give it another chance. i think about him all the time every little thing reminds me of him and its driving me crazy. i miss him so much i just wish he would hold me in his arms again......
Chibikoko Chibikoko
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

It'll be okay..<br />
You gotta find someone who makes you feel that way..only more.