My Love Is So Indecisive...

i'm still going through this heartbreaking situation now. but its been about a year and a half since we broke up. he was the only ex that i have had that treated me with respect. but you see the thing is...he has a tendency to change his mind a lot. he's really nice to me and tells me all the time that he likes me so much and he wishes i felt the same way about him. i tell him that i do. but he never believes me. i tell him he doesnt know how i feel and the only for him to know is if i tell him. so i do. but then randomly he'll disapear for a few days or even WEEKS with out saying anything. he's my first and only love. and i cant get over him. right now we're going through one of those phases where he's gone...its been about 5 days now. its killing me and ive called him two or three times. but no ones answered. i dont want to be like one of those crazy obsessive sorta people. but i really miss him. why would he tell me he cares so much about me then do this? and not just once, but a number of times with in the year and a half that we've been talking. we're not even a couple! so i cant complain to him about why he's doing this to me. but i have mentioned how i dont like how he's so indecisive about what he wants and doesnt want. but i really miss him. and i dont know what im doing wrong or how i can get him back without seeming desperate or needy. i just really care about him and dont want to move on because he keeps me in this stage of "well maybe theres still a chance..if i just wait a little longer". i dont know what to do! or why he is the way he is.  
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For right now.....if you can't be with the one you love honney....Love the one youre with!

you need to give this situation a long hard thought. im sure no one knows him as good as you do. what d you think is going through his mind? maybe he has a big commitment isse, has he had any bad experiences? you need to decide weather you ar going to kep waiting for him or if you are going to move on because if u r going to move on you need closure. tell him that if he keeps doing this to you hes showing that he doesnt care as much as he says. <br />
i hope ive helped hun<br />

how do you feel when he came back? Are you happy to see him again or do you want to make him feel the same way as you?...honnesly?

i know how you feel to where you miss them so much you cant breath but yet where are you to go and do but move on .. you cant live this life of nothing.. because you dont have them.. and it seem to me that he has someone else.. and thats funny because my man has another to but yet shes kinda of the rebound after we ere together for 2 years and ive know him for 8 .. so i mean we have a good chance to get back together.. and trust men always want what they cant have.. so all i can tell u is to move on and if its meant to be then it will be.. and if he come back you will have what you want but dont wait for it.. cuz it may never come.. you should alwAys only call once.. because its a previlage to be with you.. so he should call u if he want u .. good luck.. im sorry youhave to go through with this..