He's Gone Forever...

He was my first serious boyfriend. We were so young, but so in love. High school came, we went our separate ways. We both moved on, but always kept in touch. We always ended up back with eachother. We knew we were so young, we both wanted to see what else was out there. But we vowed if at the end of it all, if things didn't work, we always had eachother. I ended up getting married. I ended up unhappy. And there he was, my night in shining armor. We made plans. We realized what our life was missing, and it was eachother. I talked to him on a friday night. Little did I know that would be the last time we ever talked. Saturday, the very next day, he was in a car accident. He was killed by a drunk driver. A part of my heart will be gone fovever..
luvme60234 luvme60234
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I know the pain your going through I lost my husband on June 26 and I am going through hell I take it one day at a time I never got to say bye to him but he knew I loved him and I know I will see him again this will haunt us the rest of our live.