It Seems Like Forever Ago...

I look back now, with all my wisdom, and think about what I would have changed or done, if I had only known. Meeting him was as natural as anything else. I can still close my eyes and see his perfect, warm, deep blue eyes. I lay down at night and some nights I like to imagine I'm younger and he's next to me and my heart aches. To be in his arms and feel his skin on mine and know that everything, at least for a time, is perfect...he brought me peace. It was in his arms that I first experienced what it meant to be safe. I shall miss him and his wonderful laugh..but I miss his arms, his eyes and his love the most.
BillyCistra BillyCistra
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Awww.......hope you've moved on and found another!

I feel same way about my first love! Have not experienced it since & i am soon 44! Ive come close but nothing near the complete contentment of him

reallu understand

That's a universal feeling I think. But, you now have beautiful memories to enjoy, that you can later replicate with a new person, even though you can never replace that person.