Heart Broken

i recently have been going through a break up with my first boyfriend. we dated for seven months and planned to be together in college. it was hard bc my parents didnt allow me to date, so our relationship was kind of secret, at least from my dad. so we were like a long distance couple, we texted and called each other. it was great i fell soo hard for him, he was the first person who seemed to genuinly care about me and understand me. i loved him unconditionally. then about two weeks ago he breaks up with me over a text and a phone call. he said his feelings changed and we werent right for eachother, and oh yah i had to get it out of him that there was someone else. while i was at home dreamin about bein with him he was hangin out with another girl who i thought was his friend. now he likes this girl, and im miserable. ive done everything to try to get over him. but i end up missing him so much, wishing he could hold me and wipe away my tears. he said he still loved me after we broke up, which makes me wonder if he misses me too and if he knows how much im suffering right now. i cant get back with him bc of what he did, but ud think thatd make me love him less :/ i cant seem to feel better.
anisazfr anisazfr
Jul 25, 2010