First Love

I miss my first love we were together for 8 years we have been apart for 5 and i have not seen or heard from her in this time. Our lives chaged our humor became dry our relationship became a septic mark on our souls. I think the reson I miss her so much is because we met when we were young when I was poor she loved me any way and stuck with me trough the most difficult part of my life so. I would love to thank her for that and the encouragement she gave me, bless you my love.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

It must be very difficult to be away from sombody you were with for so long Im sure the wait will be worth it.

I too miss my first and only love. She was my friend and soul mate. We met dated for 23 weeks and then married. Our families were not to thrilled with us. We were married for 40 years.<br />
During that 40 years we remained soul mates friends and lovers. Sara passed away in 2000.<br />
I miss her and has many many great and fond memories of our life together. We had many adventures that we shared . I think we inspired many people with our love for each other.<br />