Never Had A Chance

I met him at the "Ritz" dance club, his friend met my friend, so we hung out in their neighborhood (somewhere in Queens)  together for the night, we didn't say much to each other until about 3am  the next morning.  He taught me to shoot pool, and took us home (from Queens back to Brooklyn) since his friend was too drunk to. 

although thoughts of him danced about my mind, I had no way of connecting with him.  After about a year, I ran into him in Washington Square Park, we clicked (completely.... I mean... intimately we rocked & Rolled all night, the tenderness, the care, the need for was as if the missing piece of the puzzle was finally in place), anyway we vowed togetherness forever, even though his mother being Irish, and racist made her own vow ( to disown him ).

We had the time of our lives together for about a week, at my house, while my mother was away on vacation, as her vacation neared it end, so did our time together, he was no longer welcome by his mother, and he couldn't stay with me.  He left me to try and find a solution, to our dilemma, ( which only became worse), two days of nothing, and then the call from jail, he was locked up, accused of robbery. He was in Qew Gardens, where I visited him, a few times, then things got even worse ( If you can believe that), my mom threw me out of the house.  Not wanting to worry him, I moved in with a friend, after which I lost contact with him.....I have tried to find him to no avail, (through the Queens phone book, as well as placing ads in the Village Voice, but nothing.

It has been twenty-nine years and I have since married, and have two boys, but I never stop hoping that someday we will connect again

...................him-Irish Black American

never stopped loving him, and I miss him soooooooooooooo

lildawn lildawn
46-50, F
Jul 26, 2010