I Love To Get Lost Inside His Mind, Wondering How He Feels About Me Now..

everytime i see leaves falling i keep imagining that it was him.. the wind that i can feel but i cant see. that makes me feel he is around. somewhere across the sea i know he missed me too some time. he told me so. since our first met, he got so close to my heart and make it feels so warm and protected. he never leave me even i treat him so badly because somehow i realized we cant be together for one reason that we cant denied. but still he stays, the way that a girl couldnt forget, ever. for 3 years he built a very strange connection beetween our heart eventhough i had a boyfriend in order to get rid of him (my first love). finally, after my desicion to meet for one last time, he gave up and flew away. well, we're still seeing each other only by chat and of course, webcam. after 4 years, separated and i had had this anger about how we broke up, that made me stepped into the darkness. i started to lose our strange heart conection. i cant feel him anymore and i lost my feelings. makes me feel cold and scared. this never happened before, not even when he had a girlfriend when he left. it didnt affect me, i did not jealous cause i knew his heart still remembering me. but now, i looked for every sign that shows he missed me as much as i do. cause i dunno why, but i dont want to forget about us. too beautiful and too weirdly crazy about each other. i want to keep this longing of him forever just make me feel alive and reminds me, that once upon a time there is someone who always knows me more than i do, loves me so deep.. and it makes me trust in love and feel good about life.
rtheodora rtheodora
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010