Until We Meet Again

I keep you a secret
Rationing my calls for you each day
I could spend hours talking 
About our yesterdays

There is always so much catching up
About the years we didn’t share
We talk about connecting
Always hinting of a love affair

Each of us laughing and joking
about our immature sexual interactions
Thinking about us being lovers again
 What a powerful attraction

We say that this time will be different 
Our love can make our time together last.
Neither of us wishing to hurt our families
Not wishing to destroy the past

My heart is now wide open
tempted to have a love affair.
How can I give you up again
When I have so much love to share.

For now I must endure
My longing to see you as a man
To taste your sweet lips
and finally be back in your arms again



dare2love dare2love
56-60, F
11 Responses Sep 30, 2010

It's been over a year since we last talked, and still I think about you daily, and wonder what if!!!

I'm glad you liked it. I never got to see mine again, but he's still in my heart.

love2day - I know how you feel...I don't know if I'll ever see my first love again. I don't want it to be the case and I feel that deep down (he feels the same) but right now we are not supposed to contact each other which I have to fight the urge to do so ALL the time..

thank you for sharing that poem. it so perfectly describes how i felt about my first love.

It is a very different emotional connection..I am so in love with my high school sweetheart..even though we are both married and have kids. When we reconnected a month ago it was beautiful..it has been a total emotional diaster since then..but i would and will do it again when the time comes!!

yes they are! There is no other feeling or emotion that can compare!! It's an emotional connection that cannot be explained or even discussed, because it seems nobody else would understand.

Oh confusedgirl2 - You took the words out of my mouth...That is exactly what me and my first love said when we reconnected recently but sadly had to end things for the sake of working on relations with our spouses..

I'm so excited for you. Our first loves are locked in our hearts forever.

Wow!! You took these words straight from my heart! I may get to see him next week for the first time in 26 years. I am a nervous, emotional wreck.

I had a chance to see my first love 4 weeks ago but unfortunately, his work made it impossible as we live 3000 miles away from each other. I have spent the last few weeks wondering the "what if's"...confusedgirl2, did you ever get to see yours??

I understand. My own emotional turmoil unlocked the gift of poetry in me.

Thank you for your comments. This is a emotional time in my life, and poetry has given me a way to express my feelings.

its beautiful!!

I love the poem...its beautiful!!! I did get to met up with old love after a year of talking...it was soooo wonderful to feel his arms around me again and to have his loving kisses..it was almost too perfect. <br />
We may never met again..but we enjoyed a wonderful weekend together and thats another memory to be added!!! It is nice to be able to have him back in my life on a regular basis, even though we can only be friends!!