I Still Miss Him Dearly After 17 Years.

I still miss him dearly after 17 years. My heart still thinks of him as each day I live my life. He had his chances with me, but he let others influence his decisions and choose to leave me. Since then not a day goes by, that i do not think of him…It hurts so much. No matter how I tried to forget about him, but he still always lingers in mind and in my dreams. Now as the years pass…I will always remember him with silent tears… I wonder if he ever think of me.......
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You should try to find him, mine found me and I'm so happy he did. I was the one that was influenced by others, and chose with my head not my heart. We both have missed alot of years together, but intend to enjoy the ones we still have.

I agree too. In my case it didn't work out but at least you will have closure. Not everyone wants to be friends with someone from their past, as what happened with my case but thats their problem and insecurities shining thru. I'm still glad I made contact though. Trust me you are not alone in this. For years I wanted to find out anything I could but finally made contact and even though it didn't work out I am glad that I ended up marrying someone else. Finding out the kind of person he is today made me realize that all my years of wondering "what if" were pointless and that things worked out for the best.

I agree try and find him.....

You need to find him..I reconnected with my love after 16 years!!! We are both married and yeah there were still feelings..it has caused me a lot of sleepless nights..but i would take nothing at all from reuniting with him and he feels the same way!! He is now one of my best friends and I do love him dearly!!

find him! i would go look for him and just talk to him. the worst that could happen is he says no...