I was reconnected with my first love some eight years ago by a girl  who was bitter rivals with her in middle school. Since then we have been in touch off and on. She was my first girlfriend, my first kiss and my first love. We met at our local roller skating rink.  I know from experience and my heart, one never forgets their first love. She use to wear bubble gum flavored lip gloss making her kisses taste even more sweet. One day at work about  fourteen years ago I found a tube of bubble gum lip gloss while cleaning, as soon as I opened it the aroma instantly took me back to the time we were together. I have kept it to this day and when I think of her I open it and breathe her in. Since our age of 13 years old she has been married raised three children and divorced. I have traveled, cared for family members, married and divorced as well, with the exception of never having children. Since my divorce She invited me to come stay with her and yes I do still love her. Through all these thirty five years of life I will never forget nore lose the feelings I have for her. She admits her love for me was never lost. She has had it rough and held strong.  We are very opposite on beliefs, yet agree on so much together. We take our reunited relationship one day at a time and will see where it goes from there. To forget your first love is to forget why you have a soul. I cherish and respect her with all my heart and feel we were reunited for I don't know what reason, but whatever it is, I am grateful beyond means to God and life. I know it is rare this ever happens to others and for those it does happen to, I humbly say, Count your blessings. Love is truly patient.

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Thank you 2408. Your comment is appreciated. Keep the faith.

Wow. I wish I could be this lucky. Sometimes I think I couldn't possibly tolerate having to wait so long for a second chance. But damn, a second chance whenever it arises is so much better than having to let go of him forever (which is sadly my case).<br />