I Feel Like I Cant Love Again

my first love. miranda. i am bisexual. she was the first person i had ever dated--not just girl but the first person in general. i had just come to terms with the fact that i liked girls and i told one of my close friends who immediately said he had the perfect person for me... the second i saw her i just stopped in my tracks. i fell for her so quickly. she did for me too.. i can still remember that day... she was beautiful, funny, so full of life. she lit up the room the moment she walked in. we were together for almost 9 months...it ended really horrible. we both said a lot of things we didnt mean... and now im with someone that i always compare to her.. i cant help it. i just do. and it seems like every day i miss miranda more and more. i try to get over her but the pain always comes back- its been about 6 months since we were together...and now shes in a serious relationship- and so am i. i wish there was a way to reverse time. There are so many things i would go back and change just to get her back...
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I know how that goes bu sometimes it's for the better I remember when I was that age I thought I'd never get over it. <br />
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But now seeing how her life has been, I don't regret it. <br />
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I guess everyone is different. But remember this, people change with time, so the person she becomes might not be the one you want.

if only we could go back you know...they say time is a great healer...but mine has been over ten years...and i still compare nearly every other guy to him...and they fail miserably in comparison....and to learn years later that things could've been different had one of us had to courage to tell each other how we really felt. We could've been together, been happy, lived life....so don't be afraid to talk to her, you never know what might happen :)

My first serious relationship was also a member of the same sex. I miss her a lot too.

i can understand that the strong feelings you had for her are still there, your not over it, you need closure. if you really cant live without her you need to tell he row you feel maybe by letter or email if u cnt tlk face to face, then if she doesnt feel the same at least u have closure but uf she does then u can sort out your life better if im making any sense..<br />
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Tell her how you feel. Apologize, etc. Never be afraid to tell those that you love, that you love them.