I Have Found My First Love On Facebook 30 Years Later.

It has been 30 + years, I was 16 she was 15 we were so in Love we laughed every day, Kissed and played like little children. We shared everything including ourselves. Her Father did not like our relationship as he told us that I was from the wrong side of the Tracks and that his daughter deserved better, we clandestinely met each other for awhile until her Father found out. I went to their House where a big blow-up ensued and he forbid his daughter from having a relationship with me told her lies about my family... This man never even talked to me he just judged people by what they wore I was a Jock so I wore Tennis shoes Tee shirts Shorts or sweats... Not Penny Loafers IZOD Shirts Khaki or Dress Pant's.. We did not go to the same school as she went to a private school, I to a Public School. We looked for each other after that for years Her Family moved to another State 3 years later.... I found her on Facebook I saw her name, my Heart jumped. I contacted her we chatted for awhile that day she did not remember me. We chatted days latter and shared common interests, I gave her my Phone Number we talked on the Phone.. something connected in her brain she remembered who I was, who we were....
What happened to us as teenagers we both buried deep inside our Souls the Hurt that was caused by her Father, we never had the Chance to experience or share the full connection of falling in Love the first time..Our lives were ever tainted by this fact. I understand this now. She has experienced much pain and heartache as have I.  This happened only 1 month ago. I am 52 Divorced one child Daughter living with me In Southern California. She is 51 married 2 children living in Northern California. We are still in Love not infatuation we still laugh like little kids when we do not talk to each other at least 5 times a day we feel like a part of us is missing. It really feels as if we continued where we left off. I am very Happy but very sad I do not want to have an affair, I do not want her to be divorced as she has a 13 year old son. When I was young I never understood the meaning of the Poem" If you love someone let them go..If they return it is true Love" In fact I berated this poem because it bothered me.. I understand now what it means as I would rather her be Happy then us together. I say this but when I do my Heartaches, How do you let a part of you go once you have found it, I never realized it was missing, I LOVE THIS WOMAN like no other I thought I had loved in my life. I forgot how pure and soulful a First Love could be. I can never let her go again and she feels the same way. What DO YOU DO?? HELP PLEASE>> 
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Some how I lost touch of this site and never came back after I registered and shared my story. I am so sorry for all of you who took the time to respond! I have been to a few sites that tell their story and just move on. But now I have bookmarked this so I will not lose it again. I am going to go and read a few of your stories and I will be back to respond and see if you guys are still around. It should be interesting to see how things have changed in over a year.

Let it go... Sorry.

My first love found me on facebook almost a year ago. We are both married. He is not living with his wife and has only been her financial support. She does not sound like a bad person but she has certainly dragged out continuing to use him to support her financially while not giving anything back emotionally or physical for over 20 years.<br />
I am remarried a second time and have a husband who I have also been for almost 20 years. He is a good man and I love him but I think we fell out of love a long time ago. I don't sleep in the same room etc... Though he still says he loves me he madly, there was something terribly wrong to even entertain going as far as I have in letting my first love in my life. <br />
It has been a mad and amazing ride and also a tragic love story because I confessed to my husband and we started marriage counseling soon after with an amazing counselor. And yet I still look for blogs like this one to help me process why I am so in love with the idea of living happily ever after with my first love. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to know we are not the only ones.

Plz read my very first story!!!! Then I'll return to give advice... So many risks are involved one is u getting hurt :/

I just want to say I really do know how hard it is. I self talk daily to keep myself from contacting my x, but I know I might cause him problems, and so I go on missing him alone, but married with a family that love me. I really hope you can work through this. Hugs to you also! I have a friend on EP that always tells me to hold on to my memories and that's what I do to survive.

i'm touched with the old/new love in ur life. its wonderful and amazing how feelings can flood back even after all of those years.. love is just amazing, its us who screw it up..<br />
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i believe that some soul mates are known better off being apart, but the lucky ones are together..<br />
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good luck and cheers!

somehow..somewhat..somewhere, she'll be in ur life if u save that special place in ur heart for her, its not necessary to be inlove again, as the circumstances has changed....but the thought of reconnecting and bonding again is the sweetest feeling.
I personally would hold on with my hands and legs if i truely want that person in my life again, i know for a fact that not everyday we will meet ppl like them, and frankly speaking there is a reason why god wanted u to see her again after all of those years...

I know how you feel, because my dad forbid me to be with my first love, and 36 years later he calls and my world turns upside down, but we both have families, and to leave them would hurt alot of people, and so he moved on when his wife found out and his marriage was in jepardy. I really never intended to leave mine or nor him leave his, but if we had met, things may have gone to a point of no return. You hold her life and her family in your hands and heart. However difficult it is, it may be that you wait for destiny to bring you back together, or as a poem I wrote says, when your lives have been rearranged maybe then it will be time. Love is so complicated and painful.

I have resisted the temptation and did not meet her as you said "You hold her life and her family in your hands and heart. However difficult it is, it may be that you wait for destiny to bring you back together." If we would have met We would have went to far.. We are trying to be friends. Thank You.