The First Kiss I Truly Felt

Back in eighth grade when i lived with my father in New York, i fell into whole different kind of love. I could barely breathe or think.. hell it was a miracle if i could put together a functioning sentence around her. One day, we ditched class together.. and sitting against the wall of the gymnasium, in an almost surreal moment, she kissed me. it was (and please excuse my profanity) F***ING magic! Now I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to picking up clues but kiss me and i pretty much get the idea. So I confessed my love for her, then we talked about this and that until the principal found us.. I did my best to take the blame and we left school at the end of the day. This was the last day before winter break and i was leaving for Hawaii soon, so i left a note in her glove. I don't remember exactly what i wrote but it was along these lines.. "I don't know when I'll see you again but i want you to know that i will always love you" or something like that (probably with even less grammar). however, i was lucky enough to move back at the end of break and i spent what felt a lifetime with her, and an amazing one at that. But slowly, she began to fall in love with my best friend.. being a cocky tween, i didn't worry about it much seeing as i thought i was some sort of awesome guy or something.. but then there was Four Winds Mental Hospital. I was trapped,. alone and heavily drugged on who knows what. And by the time i got out, they were in love. my heart was shattered. Later i moved back to Maui, Hawaii as i couldn't take it anymore. Being me, however, i have this unstoppable sense of hope in all things.. and even though I'm stuck on Maui now.. I think she might love me again <3
naughtypenguin808 naughtypenguin808
18-21, M
Feb 9, 2012