Long Lost Love Realized

I met my first love my sophomore year in high school.  We broke up after a few weeks, maybe a month... I can't remember, but I stumbled across him on myspace back in 2005. I'm married with children, yet I want him so much. I suppose that if something happened, we would be together in an instant.
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1 Response Mar 6, 2007

I think back to my first love sometimes, because it was so sweet and so pure--just amazing, I couldn't even believe how awesome it was. You're love with your husband right now may not always feel that way, especially since you have probably dealt with real-life issues, maybe even with some fights and betrayals, besides the day-to-day grind and pressures with kids, etc. You and your first love never had to deal with those issues. I think it's better to recommit yourself to love your husband with all of your heart, and just cherish the time that you were blessed with your first love. <br />
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I just talked to my first love on Facebook--our first chat since we broke up 22 years ago. She's married and has kids. The LAST thing I would ever want would be to come between her and her husband. I want the best for her, and that is that they have a long and happy life together.