My Luv You Say You Love Me Prove It.

Ok i was introduced to my ex boyfriend 9 years ao when i was 13 years old he was 12.. he was always head  over heels for me and i was one of those girls that wasnt intersted in a boyfriend.. well time went on and we grew up and in high school we expressed his feeling towards me and i realized that i did like him as well.. so we go out for about a year and a half

during this time of dating.. my parents went through a really bad divorce, i was kick out by my father and my father more or less told me that he never wanted to speak to me if i was going to take my mothers side.. so we still have not talked after all this time.. my ex about 17 moves all my and my mother stuff.. and he continues to be there for me many time after that .. i was there many time for him, his uncles deaths and his grandmother.. which always said that we would end up together.. was really hard for me to show my emotions because everything i went through.. my parents divorce, my step dad dieing, my brother not being able to see me.. so i broke up with him because it became too much for me to handle with school and sports..

and then like 6 months later i realized that i needed him and he was really hurt because i broke his heart and i apoligized soo much and he takes me back.. and well his mother and sisters disagree with some little fight we had and they start getting in to it with me.. so we ended up breaking up for the 2nd time.. and this time was supposed to be that last time...

well after being in college for 2 years i go to his house to drop of some mail that come to my house for my ex and i havent been over there in awhile.. and his mother starts telling me how muh she misses me and how much its not the same without me.. and how she hates his new girlfriend.. and i told her.. that it doesnt matter wheather or not she like her or not.. if hes happy thats all that matters.. and well just when i was about to leave he walks through the door.. and we just stare at eachother.. if was like we fell in love all over again.. he asks how i was.. and i do the same.. well i end the conversation because i had to go pick up my brother.. so we say goodbye

later that night he texts me and we just catch up on everything. i was so nervous just how i was when i was 13 well he asks me if he wasnt to go shopping with him for his mothers birthday.. and i said sure..

so the next day saturday we go. and it was fun.. we are just laughing and having a fun time with eachother.. and we decide to go to get something to eat..

while we finish ordering our food.. he looks at me and says that we need to talk.. because he missed me and he didnt realized how happy he is when hes with me.. and i replyed back saying that he was has made me happy..

and then he asked well if we were to get back together how would it be different... because i broke his heart twice and i tld him last time that i wasnt going to break his heart and i did.. and i told him i dont know what u want me to say.. im older and i know this time around is going to be more serious because we both know what eachother mean to us.. but i also say that he has a girlfriend.. and he says that shes really good to him.. and i could just tell in his face he wanted to take that chance with me but it was no guarentee so i told him i think i know what your choice is already and he said what choice is that.. and i said to stay with we drive him in silence and just bout when we got to my house he looks at me and stays that he loves me (this is the first time we said this) and that hes loved me since the first time he saw me.. and i replyed back I LOVE U TOO ..

well he takes me home and we just say our goodbye and hold eachother for a lil bit then he leaves and i swear i thought i was going to faint i couldnt breathe ..

well time goes no he breaks up with her and we get back together... and its great.. the only problem was that we could barley see eachother.. but when we did it was awesome..

well he had to go out of state to go see a college on a football scholarship and i went over there and i spent the night.. and well his sister was there and im just hangin out with her and her daughter(my god daughter and my ex's god daughter too)

well i get a call from one of my best friends.. saying that 2 of our mutual friends are tellng her that hes still with his ex.. and the funny apart is they dont even know eachother..

so he gets back and i confront him, asking him if he had to tell me anything.. and well i tell him and he replyed that im just going to believe them? and i said well make me believe u .. please prove it.. call her.. and he wouldnt..

so we more or less started fighting and his mom and sister got in it and started tell me stuff and then he said that he was done... and i said fine...

but then we still tryed to talk to eachother and it wasnt working out.. because his ex or whatever she is was on his nuts so i more or less just said that we should go our seperate ways.. and he agreed but he also says that he will always love me and that he prays that im his last love. he also brings up my step dad and how he always use to say that we were going to end up together.. so he has no doubt in his mind that we will..

so now here i am heart broken because i miss his love and his voice..him.. and know hes with that one girl his ex or now his girl friend..

and you know what hurts the most.. is that i dont know if anyone will love me as much as he did that guy had so much love for me ... and as well as i do for him..  i just dont know what to do

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1 Response Nov 30, 2006

i think you 2 are meant to be and i think thatif you stayed together when you fight instead of splitting you'd get stronger. i think he's afraid to get hurt again so he feels safer with this girl..<br />
either try and get him back for keeps or get closure and move on i know its easier said than done but hunn you need a life and ypu deserve to be loved..<br />
<br />
<br />