He Was The First Real Kiss

His name was Joey, we met in High school and he was crazy about me. I never expected to have a boyfriend and was afraid what my parents would say when they saw him. He had long hair but was always clean. He had a beard and mustache a little patchy but it was there. lol He didn't care that i was chubby, more to hug he said. And when he came to call, my dad loved him. He asked my father if he would object to him dating me.....ME? And so it was, right through the summer. We held hands, talked about all kinds of things. When he would come over my parents would 'leave us young folks alone' and leave the room so we could hang out. And when he kissed me for the first time, I felt warm and loved and special because that was all there was. Just a kiss and warmth in his eyes. No expectations, we never got that far. By the end of summer his mom took a job in another town 200 miles away. I cried and cried. I knew I would never find another like him...... I never did. We tried to stay in touch back then all we had were letters. No email, no phone calls because it was long distance. Eventually I lost him my letters were returned no longer at this address and no forwarding address available. I know he moved again and this time to Counsel Bluffs Iowa but nothing more. I have always wondered where he went and what happened in his life. I hope it was better than mine. I worked for a place once that had a search history but because he was a minor when he lived here in Iowa he was not in the history search.....too bad i would love to see him again. But having him in my life helped me to know it was possible to be loved and that was priceless.
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still better than a lot of girls' first kisses! and your dad liked him, even better

I'm not exactly sure why I am telling this, but I guess it is just something I needed to get out this morning. I had been kissed a few times, the first when I was 16, but always with the intent to use or abuse me. Most were forced, or if I complied at all it was due to fear. Until I was 22 years old I never had a kiss that I even felt remotely comfortable about. I had been so abused that I felt that even if decency or true love and kindness did exist (which I strongly doubted at the time) that it could NEVER happen to me because I was used up garbage. Who could love a steaming pile of garbage?<br />
<br />
But then, as if straight from heaven a man came. A gentle, kind, loving man. Someone who respected and protected a woman as it should always be. I knew from the first second that there was something "different" about him. At first that made me angry. I know that may sound silly, but his kindness and decency only forced me to face that what had happened to me wasn't "the way things were" and it forced me to look at something that I tried so hard to bury. But despite everything, the first time he kissed me, I felt warm, I felt safe, I felt loved. These are all emotions I was a stranger to. So, that was truly my FIRST kiss. I have to tell myself that the first time something happened for the right reasons, the first time you experience the way it is supposed to feel, truly is the first time. Still there was much pain to come, but for that one moment, for that first kiss, everything was wiped away, and I was happy.<br />
<br />
I married this man. Something I never thought could happen to me! Although I loved him, there was so much hurt inside that I blamed the world, and I inflicted much pain upon this man. I took out all the anger and hurt that had been FORCED upon me, on him. He did nothing to deserve that, but I think I blamed him because his kindness made me see what everything else really was (if that makes any sense). The guilt I have over that is overwhelming. For ten years I took it out on him. He still stayed by my side. Sometimes he became angry himself, or bitter, even withdrawn, but he stuck it out. He was always coming up with solutions for a problem I wouldnt admit existed. <br />
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Finally, after a decade it all came pouring out. The day I had to admit what had happened to me. The day I had to face what had happened. It was like living it all again. The pain of what my husband had to face was almost as equally strong as my own. But again, he stuck it out. He sought out therapists, he studied and learned about what I was going through. He responded with such a unique kindness to nobody could ever expect, or even deserve. I thought that everything had hurt him so bad, and considering what I had put him through for so very long that this would be the final straw that would push him away... Just when I thought things were as bad as they could possibly be I came home one day to find rose petals all over the floor surrounding a big "I love you" teddy bear holding a card. The card requested that I meet my husband in our room. I went, and there I found more roses petals, and an entire bouqet of roses, candles lit and wine poured in glasses. That day I experienced a kiss that was almost like a first as well. It was the first kiss of my life without all the pain I had burried inside. My first kiss of a life where I had hope of a future. The first day since I was 16 that I could just be "ME". It wasn't the end, but the beginning! Yes, there was still much to do, but today every day is a step forward. Brave steps hiding from nothing. So here is a story of a true first kiss. A kiss of salvation, a kiss of kindness and love beyond imagination. Thank you for reading this!

The first love is always deep in your heart. It is said to be beautiful because it is unfinished. But we do not love to be loved, we love to love. <br />
My first kiss was not romantic like yours.<br />
Actually I hated it and never want to remind it. I admire your love, indeed.

My Dear please do not think like that, that you not perfect , appearance does not matter you have a golden heart ,and i guess that you are very very strong because you face all that comments, always think that you are perfect from other from many aspects.

its nice that someone taught you that what is love but if he was true he surly comes back but he did not what does it mean? if you always think about him you never love again life is full of love if you gave a chance to that so Past is History just forget him live your present be happy....

I remember him but that is all. I had difficult teen years with my parents and I didn't feel loved at all. I was a heavy gal at 180 and was made fun a lot in high school. I always was nice to everyone, worked on the yearbook etc. so have exposure to people who were not nice to me because I had to collect their comments for the yearbook seniors. Joey helped me realize I did not have to be perfect, and fit into a size 1. He saved me from running away. I went on to marry for 18 years and have two great kids. So I did not pine away for him. The memories give me warmth within because back then it gave me hope. It made me a little stronger person. I would like to tell him that someday. I have had a lot of rejection in my life since then, but remembering him helps me put it in perspective. I AM worthy, and deserve to me loved. And if others don't like me because I am not a size 1, then that is their problem.

he will surely return to you.

My first love was a boy called Damien. My friends told me I was mad but I told them I loved him. I did and still do. I was around 10 when I first met him and I'm now 20. Unfortunately he had a girlfriend at the time, we shared a few kisses but I soon moved. For the next 3 years there wasn't a day that didn't go past that I didn't think about him, wonder how he was and where he was. When I was 18 I moved back to my mums for 2 week just whilst my house was being decorated. I asked around but no one had heard from him in around 2 years. Three days later he knocked on and told me how he hadn't stop thinking about me since I left. How he loved me and wanted to be with me. Now 2 years on its like we have never been apart. He's not only my partner he's my best friend my life and I can't imagine life without him. If love is ment to be it will work its self out love is a powerful thing if you believe that he is the one for you. Fate will be in your corner so try and find him :-D just look at my situation. If I hadn't been at my mums for that 2 week I probably wouldn't have seen him again. The littlest things in life can have such a big effect on wider picture. If you love him go for it you never know the outcome! Good luck!!!

Dear Passionateheart61,<br />
Your story above was the top story for me to read today and I must say, it is very moving. I had a lost love before and I think of all the "What if's" all the time and not just for her. I don't want to go into detail in the open like this but, If you would really like help finding your long lost love.. Send me a private message and I will find him for you if you really want to find him. I can explain in better detail if you want but, I am just offering my help. I can find him if you want my help and no.. I don't charge anything, I am just a romantic at heart.

So sweet a love story. Yes, is was priceless, it will be a sweet loving memory forever. There is a song, We will meet Again, Somewhere Some How, you never know sometimes things happen just out of the blue.I wish I had an experience like that.

This is such a sweet experience. Yes, it was priceless. That will be with you forever, a sweet time and a loving memory. There is a song We Will Me Again, Some where some How..., you never know some things come to you out of the blue. I wish I had had an experience like that.

Some love stories are not meant to be complete, yet they are beautiful in their way. And some time in life, when we look back, those memories are what we have earned and they help us to move forward. Love is the feeling that never fades, though in the memories...

Oh! this is called true love.your love was real.if his love was true so don't worry, he will surely come.as we know true love never die.i can feel your pain bcoz i have also experienced and i have lost my first true love.i am also waiting for my partner .he is near me but now he is not mine.he forgot me and also my love but how can i forget him becoz<br />
i had loved from deep of my soul and i still love him...........<br />
he will surely come one day. don't worry.

if its rilly life for the both of uyou, you would find him, and he will find you

I shall pray for you

If I was you, I would go see him. A few years agaon I contacted a man, well he was not a man yet back then, anyway he was glad to hear from me, he had gotten married and divorced and married again, had three children. I had gotten married and divorced, I just wanted to know what had happen to him. Anyway we sent emails for a while and exchanged what we had done in this life, it was good to get in touch with him, he is in Europa and I am in the USA for 31 years, I know I will never see him again in person this life, but I have seen him on pictures. I say "Go see your first Love, don't be afraid".

Wow. Good luck with this. I know you might decide not to contact him, and I respect that - I mean, even though he isn't married, he could be living with a girlfriend, or even with a guy :) And the reality might not live up to the memory. But if you *do* decide to follow up with this, do go and see him! There are so many "what ifs" in your story; don't let there be any more. I mean, the mail could go astray, someone else might take the letter, the e-mail might go in the spam filter etc. Go see him (keep yourself safe of course). But just go, even if he is 10,000 miles away. Of course, don't just turn up like a stalker, combine it with a busienss trip or holdiay or something, but a letter? Too risky in my books. Good luck whatever you decide. Please keep us posted.

Her name was Roberta. She was the new girl in the class who came in a couple weeks after school started and was assigned the desk right next to mine. We became friends the first day at recess and slowly became a couple. It was the first kiss for both of us and it happened one day after school behind the ice creme shop across the street. I was totally blown away and have been hooked on girls ever since. I can't put into words the exhilaration I felt but I will never forget my first kiss and the sweetheart with whom I shared it.

Awesome story, believe it or not my first real kiss was a with girl at my first real kids birthday party. Her name was Anita sandy blonde, hazel eyes yes it was love. She kissed me on the cheak wisperd in my ear, told me to meet her on the porch there it happend my first real kiss. WOW it was like the whole world melted away. In school we always ate lunch together until she moved the sadest day of my life.

Those days are sad and difficult when we are young and can't do anything about it. Here is a twist. I was able to do some detective work yesterday, had the house and computer to myself and could search without prying eyes. I used a couple search engines and found a matching name in the city he moved to. It listed names he was associated with as relatives. So then I looked up all of those people and found that they have all lived at the same house. Each one moved together over the years. So I looked up using online phone book and I think I have him nailed down. Age, middle name, brothers, sisters. all match. This took a couple hours of detective work trying to piece together information from different places. Public records etc. He is NOT married. Can not find marriage or divorce records for him. I did get his address so now what. I do not know how to start a letter to him. Thee was no phone number listed. Now it is the excitement of finding him and the fear of rejection all at the same time.

Be free of fear expect anything is possible bad &amp; good be strong &amp; go for it. "One never knows success or failure until things are attempted." "Life is interesting is lived" Go into it with failure as Ur expectation write a letter of honest intent send info of a history in hopes of sparking his memory. Be honest don't push. Let things play out as they may without much wo on you. Keep it simple &amp; true. Also if he gets like your stalking share the truth that anyone can get info on anyone these days. This truth may help him one day. Do not put yourself first on this put history first then let it slide into a presant &amp; maybe a future. Wish you the best &amp; have fun ;)

me i never kissed girl upto now iam still looking for woman

ur story touched my heart. i remember my first love at 13 whis has been 47 yrs ago about 6 yrs ago i started looking again for him or to find out anything i could. i had been told my foster mother she had heard yrs ago he died.4 yrs ago i found out more about him he had died but not when we thought.it had been only that winter, i missed talking with him by months.but our lives had turned out alot alike he had been married for 37 yrs to the same person had 4 kids lived in same town always.i have been married 42 yrs with 2 sons.i had kept everything i had ever gotten from him we had been togather for 2 yrs b4 i was sent to another foster home.i have to believe he was happy and had had a good live.but i do feel closure now.so dont give up -keep looking.good luck

i remember my puppy love.. =( unlike you, we never kissed.. never said i love yous.. just a mutual understanding that we feel something for each other.. you know that moment that whenever your eyes met - you both smile - then look away.. and that tingling touch.. <br />
<br />
one day they moved away but he visits me every weekend. brings me stuff too everytime. suddenly earthquake hit our city and we had to move. and then we lost each other.. i tried to look for him on friendster (lol way back friendster was a hit) but to no avail..<br />
<br />
20yrs later my sister told me she found him! well he found her. he, my puppy love, searched for my sister. not me. and told my sister "at last i found you". OUCH! WTF?!?! <br />
<br />
he's now my facebook friend but grrrr!!! i wanna delete him everytime i see his posts!!!!

Funny twist of events! Not for you so much but that he would chose your sister. I understand how you feel and but that was a shock. Perhaps back then he was torn which one to chose and it was easier to walk away from both. I am sorry that it didn't work out to your advantage. But that time in your life should remain special for the simple reason and it was an awakening to things you had not experienced yet with feelings and emotions and perhaps physical responses natural to learning about love and boys and girls. Don't hate him too much. Get to know him, maybe there is good reason that things did not work out between you. You may have been meant for someone else you have not found yet. God Bless

my first kiss was my next door neighbour jasmine

I was hoping for the story to end happy saying he came back but it didn't.lucky you found someone who loved you.

It was happy really. He taught me a great deal that I still carry with me today. That is what made it so special to have him in my life. I was at a turning point and he taught me to be strong. Read some of the responses above. I needed him in my life at the point and I believe God placed him there.

I really like your story. The only thing I wonder is if you spend your whole life looking for one person won't you will miss out on many others who can teach you other good things about yourself as well? I mean I get the fantasy but what isn't clear is that how you knew he moved but he didn't send a forwarding address? Sometimes we lose contact with people because of things going on in our lives but we hold on to this idea of the person we once knew. I'm sure if you find him again he'll be flattered in the way you held him to memory. I guess I just thought to write cause it seems so often that people live in their pasts and you say you were in love but was he? Also sometimes a nice memory of someone can be ruined when you meet them years later and the perception is not the same. Either way no harm from the sounds of it in looking for love but it doesn't mean you will never meet another like him or at least another person to love. Good luck! (:

Oh I moved on, I married and had two children. But that part of my life will always remain a special memory. One because I did not even know he existed. Two because he quietly liked me for the whole school year but never came forward to tell my until summer. Didn't try to pursue me where it was easy to find me. lol Then to learn later that he worked across the street from where I lived (on a busy) street. To think if I had not been outside playing basketball he would not have seen me that day. It is so fun to think of all the what ifs. At that time I was thinking of running away. He helped me stay anchored. Told me to stick it out. Graduate then make my plans. We shared so much in those short weeks of summer. He saved me from making some very dreadful mistakes. And he helped me become the person i am today. I just wish I could tell him that.

Your heart overflows with love for Joey as could be seen from your mail. You continued writing him with his new address until your mail were returned to you, because he had moved to another location. Why he had failed to connect with you should also be a source for worry. Could it that he has fallen for another "She" and would not like to complicate situations? Have you searched for him on the face book? If not why? I wish you luck and when you succeed in tracing his where about, do not hesitate to inform us. Good luck.

Yes I have tried fb. Unfortunately he has a very common last name and that makes it more difficult to locate him. I still hope that one day i will. That everything went well for him in his life. He was so sweet and sincere. Like i said I NEVER expected to have a boyfriend. I didn't even know he was watching me until one day he showed up at my door saying he couldn't believe he saw me out the window at work. He had no idea I was so close. And that was that. He was the first and only man that ever chose me..... And who showed me a love I did not know existed. Now as an adult I know that we all go through this as young teens. But coming from a family such as mine (verbally abusive, judgmental, authoritive and very disaplinary) It was so refreshing to know that there was true love out there.

I had a similar experience years ago. I was engaged to my soul mate, my one true love, we lived in separate countries at the time. He was Canadian and I was an American. I moved to Canada to be with him, but after only a few months, I got scared and anxious. I was young and he was the first real relationship that I had. I ended up going back to The States, like a fool. It was and still is my biggest regret. I went on to meet someone else down the road and got married. I loved my husband, but it was never the same. I still remember his eyes, his voice and those memories haunted my dreams almost nightly. I loved him still and longed to find him again. Lo and behold, I did connect with him again, he was married now and I respected that, although I was sad, it had been, afterall, 30 years ago. I have since moved back to Ontario, Canada and now my soul mate and I continue to talk and go out for the occasional coffee. Although I always will wonder what life could have been, it is okay...he is back in my life.

You are so lucky to have found him. There can be friendships that remain with us. And no reason we cannot continue them as adults. Enjoy his company and knowing him. God Bless

Facebook? I mean there's 750million people on it. I'm sure he's there

Oh now you've got me crying. That's just so sad. I hope you find him again. Good luck!

your story made me sad lady !<br />
i pray that you get him in your life as before !

I think that is really infactuation and that is what I was taught. Now that I am in my fifties. I can still remember those so called first . And let me tell you it is real. I can still feel it today. It stays with us - our first love really last forever! Even if you find him, those moments are worth a lot. Just treasure them...

aww This was just priceless!! Hope you keep loving him as you did and you see or hear from him one day! This was just brilliant to read.. Good old times.. sad we as a part of this generation cannot cherish and celebrate such decency and innocence.. the manners and respect just turns upside down now. It actually makes me a 'weirdo' to act in a respectable way.. anyway good to know about the light in your life.. Don;t be sad that you broke apart somehow.. Just cherish the beautiful memory you have of him.. Somewhere in his life even he might be doing the same and remembering you just like you do.. :) <3

That's so sad...hope you can find him someday

I wish you can find you true lover

Your story drew me to my past where i also lost touch with the only man i was able to love.his going to the UK leaving me in Africa tore my heart that i lost all the trust in lov.swthrt,if you can still trace this person,please do coz when the hrt is corrupted it is done.I just wish you found this love of yours and never end up like me.I lost it and just wish i could find sm one to make me 4get that painful past.

Awww,I hope you find him,Huggzz.

Don't you have "Friends Reunited" in USA?

not sure I should try to find out.

Pls may I invite you the film with the title " The note book"..enjoy It and Good luck!!!

Follow your heart even if just to find closure. i did and found my first love from 50 years ago. Now we are good friends and things are as easy between us as they were then. Like you we never went further than kissing but she always had a special place in my heart,<br />
<br />
Good luck

pls can I invite u the film with the title "the note book"

Google/facebook is your friend if you know information you can slowly track down people. I found an old babysitter when literally all I knew was her name, her parents names, and a brother's name. It will not be instant I spent 5 plus hours but finally hit on the right thing which lead me to her on facebook. Don't give up hope