...gut Feeling

has anyone here ever felt like they've been punched in the guts when they think about someone they miss?

i do almost everyday

me and my ex only went out for 11 months and 3 weeks but you know its true love when you go through the experiences we went through.

i hate him

but i love him and i can't get him off my mind

its only been 2 months since we broke up and i don't know how to move on. lately i've just felt promiscuous by hooking up with a lot of guys and feeling a sense of lonliness. i wish he wanted me back. but only 3 weeks after me and him broke up he started going out with the girl that we kinda broke up over.  it hurts cause i shared everything with him and i know his whole life and now i can't talk to him unless i want to keep hurting myself.

i feel so empty and ugly when i think of him


any HEALTHY methods to get over someone?

i love you all



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RElax and just be friends with the guy. If it is meant ot come back, it will. If not, you may even come to like his new girlfriend and she could end up hooking you up with the love of your life. You just never know. Live an adventure for once!

Hi all,<br />
I know exactally how you all feel, the horrible rench in the stomach to sitting balling my eyes out and listening to our song LOL. Oh dear what does love do to us, I now feel that I cannot and will not love anybody in that same way again. I knew I would get hurt I knew it. But hey theres plenty more fish in the sea and I love FISH!<br />
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Thanks for reading,<br />
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sigh...i wish i knew how to get over a guy. and judging from all these stories, i think all of us do. lol<br />
man, i really had NO CLUE i would miss him this much...i didn't think it would be so risky to give yourself to someone emotionally, but i guess that's why first loves are special. i don't think we'll ever be the same, you know? wow...that's a crazy thought. well, at least it was good while it lasted, right? i guess we'll all just have to wait.

I know how you feel i have had to move on from an 6 year marrage. i can not talk to my ex, i have no closure and it is really hard. but i know that with time things will get better for me and you. You will find someone new and he will be the best thing that ever happened. So not worry take care of yourself and everything will work out in the end!!

Well first off. Take time to get over him before you start dating again. It only causes you to want him more. You probably think if dating a bunch of guys would make him jealous. It may but it does not help you because you are not ready. Take your time. Here is a link for you: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/coping_divorce_relationship_breakup.htm

i think you shuld ignore all the gd things that you had with him and focus on why you broke up, this way its and advantage that your not with him anymore. I hate but love my ex so i jus think of how much of a ***** he is and this stops me from dwelling on the gd times we had together, i think that writing your feelings down would help, or make up a poem of why you hate him, u should see him in a different light after that and see that you are strong enough to live without him!<br />
gd luck xxxxx