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Her Name Was Beth...

and I was very much head over heels in love with her. I wanted her in my life so much. We where both in high school and the time was 1988. She had beautiful blue eyes. The type of blue that pierced one's soul. Her hair was brown in color and she kept it in a pixie style cut (short) she was damn near rake thin. She was my first kiss, she was my first love (maybe even the only one I ever really loved.) I cannot seem to shake the unanswered ideas of what might have been or why I was stupid enough when on WestPac to have sex w/ hookers then write a letter confessing my stupidity for doing so to her. Ultimately this lead to our separation. She had moved to Alaska and I lost track of her. From friends I learned she changed her name, came out of the closet as a Lesbian and also started to come clean as she sobered up. To this day I miss her, and if she where to walk back into my life and ask me if I wanted to try again. I would say "Yes" in a New York Minute.
Michael820 Michael820 46-50, M 1 Response May 3, 2012

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hey keep your dream alive! who knows? And God bless