(I hope) You're Happy-

I see You

(I swear I'm over you-

Didn't I promise you I would be?)

It's just sometimes

doing the dishes,

or folding the laundry,

I look out the window

And there you are

Just standing there

Looking at me like

You used to

With those eyes

Amused (at me?)

And I stop and


I stare

Long and hard

Just to memorize your face

How it's changed-

(It's been so long)-

And then I look away

Because you don’t belong in my life

And I’m sick of watching you



Next time,

When I'm doing the dishes or

folding the laundry

I know

I won’t see you

Outside my window.

You won’t stop and smile


I'll just think of your face

(Fresh in my mind)

And smile

And hope that


you are-

You're happy
waiting8 waiting8
22-25, F
May 8, 2012