I Just Wanna See Him Again

Ugh! how can I be so stupid? He was with me the whole trip and I noticed that he existed only on the last 2 days.I knew that he was quite cute cuz my sis had been mumbling about how gorgeous his eyes were.I regret a lot of how stupid I was for the first 4 days.Although he was only a year older, I thought he was too old for me so I didn't even look at him.If only his small cousins came to talk to us sooner and if only we became friends sooner, we would have more time to spend together.Even though we didn't talk the whole trip,we both know we had feelings for each other.And now it's been 2 months since I saw his beautiful last look of me.I do hope that whenever we meet again, he would choose me and I would also choose him even when there's a girl beside him or a boy beside me
oceaina oceaina
18-21, F
May 13, 2012