I Miss Him... But Not The Way You Think.

sure i miss him. my first love that is. well actually sort of. we were close when we were young and i dont hold any feelings for him anymore, but i liked the times when we were friends(or frienemies haha). its like we hate each other now though. i mean its not like theres any reason we should be. i barely see him at school anymore and we dont curse at each other or have fights in person but my friends always tell me that he talks crap about me behind my back and on the internet if we happen to cross each others paths on facebook or w.e he goes all mother f***ing ape on me. i dont get why he harbors bad feelings for me, but theres times when he acts like a complete a**hole to my friends. but i dont hate him. so why does he hate me? i confessed and boom. he hates me like theres no f***ing tomorrow. is it going to be like this forever?

hey jay. 
i see you from time to time in school and my close friend is like bfs with you, but i feel like i never see you. =. if i knew things were going to be this way, then i never wudve said that i loved you. so screw you i guess. 
miny400 miny400
13-15, F
May 13, 2012