First Real Love

She was a beautiful 6'1" (I'm 5'6", slow dancing was a dream) short blonde haired, blue eyed angel. Why she was attracted to me, I'll never know. This was 1974 and my hair was longer than her's. She needed a ride to the football game and I had a car. We talked, got to know each other and started dating. I lose my virginity to this girl along with my heart. She was a free spirit and I was a nerd/jock (yes I was actually both). I can still see us making love in the back seat of my beetle. She was 2 years younger, but much more worldly than I. She taught me about love, sex, heartache and living. I have been married several times and with my current wife over 18 years but if this woman showed up at my door, I be lost again in her presence. Ah first love are always the strongest.
ankon ankon
51-55, M
May 14, 2012