Our First Everything.

She was brunette, hair down to her waist, deep blue eyes with a hint of green. I was sixteen and so was she, We were working at a summer VBS program for kids six to fourteen years old. About Wednesday we found ourselves alone, in one o the basement Sunday school rooms. We were both so nervous, and she still had to play the little vixen. I asked if I could kiss her and she just said, "maybe". So I did, we both shared our first kisses ever in the basement of that little church in the country. We were secret lovers for months, my parents didn't approve of dating at the time. I would call her at break during soccer practice, go 90mph just to get to our meeting place so I wouldn't be missed by my parents. Soon they found out, and began to pressure me. Well, it worked, I became so stressed I had no clue what to do. Soon she was fed up with the uncertainty of it all, and we met at a park, walking for hours, I only found out later that she was secretly begging me to kiss her the entire time. I went to drop her off at home, but neither of us were ready to go. So I drover her to the tiny park that no one really knows about, its our of the way and is overgrown by a woods. It began to rain, cold, it was just the beginning of September in Michigan. we stood at the edge of the park, overlooking an empty corn field. I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her, chin lightly on her shoulder, her head resting on mine. I turned her around and tears came to my eyes for no reason. We both began to kiss each other desperately, grabbing each other as hard as we could in that cold rain. I will never forget that, or final kiss. The next morning I received a simple e-mail, and it was over. She was done playing this game of cat and mouse as she put it, and I let her be done. My parents told me she had probably gotten a new boy friend. I visited all of our old haunts for months, never finding her, not even catching a glimpse. a year and four months later, I ran into my Tasha again at the small store in the next town over, she had died her hair a deep brown and was wearing glasses, it was almost a different person but I still recognized her. I walked up, and we tried to talk. But we couldn't, tears were in both of our eyes and my throat wouldn't let me speak. We just looked at one another for a while, and left. To this day, she hasn't had another boy friend. And I feel terrible that I'm still in the same bounce back relationship after these two years. I've moved to Washington State, and she is still somewhere in Michigan and I will never get over her, it still hurts to even think about her.
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sorry i was more lucky for a while we became best friends at 11 at 12 something happened and her mother knew how we felt about each other and gave me a home with them and we shared all first with each other even the saddest one of her death at age 19

I'm so sorry for you, can I ask what happened?