My First Bf

i never had a boyfriend until i was 23 years old that is until about 3 years ago one summer i went back to vietnam with my aunt and i met this guy for a second there i thought he look older then me but i found out he was only 18 years old.. instant chemistry at first sight. i never really gave it much thought that he was younger then me .. but somehow i like him alot and he fell in love with me really quickly. we talk about everything from the weather what we like..what we dont like..and even the marriage topic came up  i was pretty shock when he mention it..we gotten along really good over the past years that we known each other.. and yes we have kiss... i still remember the first kiss he gave was worth remembering... im 28 now and he's 23..  this coming july we would have known each other for 4 years.....its a long distance relationship since i live here in california and he's in vietnam.. but we keep in contact. but i miss him very much. im hoping one day soon we will be together.
gwenydiva30 gwenydiva30
26-30, F
May 19, 2012