My Girlfriends Mom Was A Wonderful Teacher

I met Susan in high school, she was a freshmen and I was a senior. At first I looked at her as I looked at my little sister, we met and nothing but silliness ensued for some time, then I began calling her as the little sister thing became more of a girl friend thing. I would call her from my parent’s phone, which in the day was the only phone teenagers had access to. Our conversations were usually of what happened that day, what we were going to do the next day and almost little or nothing of importance. We became sort of boyfriend and girlfriend but looking back it wasn't anything like that. I was 16 and driving so I would stop by and pick her up for school and return her that afternoon. We never went on a date, just to and from school. During one conversation on the telephone she began talking about her mom. How her mom was all alone after her dad died and how she felt so sorry for her. I agreed it was sad and told her that I could not imagine being that alone. I really didn't understand what I was talking about but the words sounded good. The next morning I went to pick her up for school and met her mom. I had seen her at the McDonald's after games but never talked to her at length, just a casual hello. When I dropped Susan off her mom invited me in for a soda. All three of us chatted, her mom talking mostly to us and asking me questions on various things I fail to remember. I remember enjoying it very much, thinking her mom was cool. Her mom was German, and very good looking. Susan’s mom was not as old as I thought she was, and for a moment I thought she was a little sexy -- but thought that I should always treat her with the respect I would of any parent and that was that.

It was during our normal evening telephone conversation that Susan started telling me more about her mom. She would tell her mom to put some clothes on, and then tell me that her mom was walking around the house nude. I was at a loss for words, and shamefully aroused at the same time every time she talked of it. Having met her mom I knew it was not a terrible sight, that maybe it might even be enjoyable. I felt a little nasty about thinking that way of a parent. It started to be a little bit of a routine, Susan bringing her mom into the conversation and then a little description of what her mom was doing. It seemed her mom like being naked. Soon I expected it, and then I started getting small descriptions of what her mom looked like naked. Susan would tell me that her mom had great boobs, that she wanted ones just like them. I think after a few weeks I had a complete visual of her mom nude which again started to cross into the realm of ************ material. It was something I was not proud of, picturing Susan’s mom naked but there it was.
I think Susan liked me, in her words as a big brother but nothing romantic was going to come of it. I was an athlete in high school; I was not great at any of them but made a good showing of it. I think Susan may have been infatuated with that, because she was a cheer leader. But, hope for me was eternal and I continued to play the role of big brother, picking her up from school and returning her and on occasion taking her to a game or something at school. Sometimes I would call Susan and her mom would answer and tell me her daughter was not home. Normally I would thank her and say good bye, but soon we would have conversations about Susan and how much I liked her. The conversations began to take on more of a friendly and informal tone, me saying whatever and her mom responding like a peer. It was comforting, I would tell her my problems and she always had great advice. It was good to talk to mature women at a women's level, not a mom or parent but a women. I would continue to pick up her daughter for school it was on the way, and well I enjoyed seeing her mom. Eventually I would come to call her Heidi.
Eventually I asked her Heidi why she didn't have a boy friend or husband. She told me her husband was killed in Vietnam and she just did not want to get involved with another man. It was complex she explained, that she wanted the company of a man around the house, but she just did not want to put up with taking care of him and putting up with them. She drew a pension, her home was paid for and she worked as a manager at the local exchange store. Looking back, she was the first of the modern women I had met. She was independent, could take care of herself, ran a household and was sexually complete. My mom, well she had never driven, depended on my dad and never did I think her capable of sex, then again she was my mom. Her experiences with men were not all the great from the way she talked. Yeah, it was fairly complex stuff for a 17 year old boy to understand. Hell I was having problems just trying to figure out relationships at the high school level. It was her and Susan at the house and she was fine with that. She did say that it would have been nice to have a son and that maybe I could fit that role, son, and big brother to Susan. I thought it cool. One evening I went to pick up Susan for a game, drop her off and hang out with my friends as usual but was met at the door by her mom who told me she had already left with a boy. There it was the inevitable. I knew it would happen, but by then I was over Susan and well I enjoyed being her big brother sort of and well her mom was cool. Her mom must have thought I took the news hard because she invited me in to talk it out. I enjoyed the attention as I vented. I got up ready to leave. It was at that moment she gave me an intense hug, telling me everything in my life would work out. It was a long uncomfortable hug, one of those your aunt gives you as she leaves. But, in all of it I felt something in her, something longing for contact and I hugged back. We stood there for some time, hugging. Then It dawned on me that I was enjoying it way too much. I will admit that I was aroused, but instead of pulling back I fell into it. As I drove home I could not get that out of my mind, it was the best hug I ever had, it was intense, it was arousing and I wanted more hugs like that. I had hugs before, reassuring, goodbye or comforting, but never arousal. Not even with girls I liked. Then again, I did not hug all that much.
I could not avoid the urge to get back into that hug thing. So, when Heidi invited me over I took the opportunity. When I arrived I fully expected to see Susan but she was not. It was uncomfortable for me at first, but I got used to the idea of being alone with her mom very quickly. Something in me stirred and I went from son to that pursue thing. I asked about Susan and she told me she had gone to an overnight cheer leading camp that afternoon and would not be home until Sunday. I had not intended on staying long, I told her mom I had some friends and were going to go to our spot and drink beer. I would not have told my parents this but she was cool. She told me I should not be out drinking let alone trying to drive home. It was great logic but I told her I would be careful half hoping she would approve. Then she surprised me, telling me I could stay there and drink with her if I wanted to. She didn't have beer, but had wine, so that is what we drank. It was a warm cozy feeling in her home as she sat across from me with our usual chat. This time I was a little less inhibited and talked about everything and anything. The conversation went to girls of course. I told her how difficult it was for me and I did not know what I was doing wrong. Wine has a way of loosening things up I learned. Heidi began with “you must keep the needs of the women in mind when you have a relationship”. Most men she said are selfish and only think of themselves and what they want, but the true lover always keeps the women’s needs in mind. If you do this she said, she will gladly give you anything you want, without asking. It is only through her satisfaction that you can be satisfied. You must sacrifice you needs for hers to have your needs fulfilled. A real woman knows this. It was silly logic that I would only come to understand as the years passed, and thankfully with her help.
Heidi was always well dressed, never did or would I see her dress down. It was a European thing that women always look attractive no matter the occasion. We continued the conversation and it turned to romance, chivalry and love. She then got out of her seat held my hand and sat next to me. I never had women that close to me, that beautiful and that passionate, although strange at first, it got comfortable. As I talked she gazed into my eyes, like she had never done before. We started getting silly, and then she pulled me to her, then kissing me on the check and saying I was such a good boy. Something we never talked before was sex, I always thought it was not right that I talk to a parent, or mom about sex. She started off by asking me if I had ever done it with a girl. I thought I would create some story, but didn't have the details that she would have believed so I simply said no. She began by saying how wonderful it was and that I should do it soon, while I was young and that if I perfected it I would live a happy life. I think I said something like OK.

Just the thought of sex would arouse me, but this was too much; there was nothing I could do as she went into detail about pleasing women. She then took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where she undressed and stood before me. She showed me what a mature looked like, describing in detail the key points. Then without further hesitation she undressed me and pulled me into the bed. She complimented me, on my physique and reminded me to stay in good shape, and always she would compliment me on my size. She was an honest lady, so I believed her as if it were hard to do so in that case. As we lay there on many occasions she moved my hand and explained what I should do with it. Sometimes she would bath me as I stood in the tub, her washing me head to foot, saying things like I always wash my vegetables before I eat them. My favorite and it was hers is a game we played where we would do what we wanted to have done to the other. On some occasions’ we would spend a Saturday and Sunday together, in my college years . She was insatiable and taught me to hang in there, holding on and pacing it all until she gave a sign that it was my turn. If I didn’t she punished me, tying me up and teasing me. It too was fun. We would do this three or four times a day during the weekends I was home. My parents would see me on Friday and then again on Sunday and never in between. They never caught on. When I returned to the dorm, my studies improved. I never had to do the relentless chasing for two reasons, I had her and I could keep any girl that I dated. I learned a lot, and when I dated, women thought me magical as if I had some special insight for as young as I was. It was nothing, like that, it was what was taught me by a very special women. We continued on with the relationship in secret from my junior year of high school until about ten years later. Every Saturday like clockwork I would show up at her house, her daughter gone and just the two of us. Susan knew what was going on I can only imagine, although I did not come right out and say it, she suspected but said nothing. Each visit would start off with great conversation, and then it would take the form of a lesson. She even purchased a book, sort of a manual on it and we would read and practice ever part of it. I think it thrilled her to be the strict teacher, rewarding and punishing me with equal pleasure. Admittedly I enjoy the punishments a little more than rewards. Every detail was covered. I was true to her but she allowed me to date girls and took pride in my successes. After I graduated high school I went into the service, college, family and a profession. We always found a reason to visit each other and of course we would rekindle the relationship. She never got married again and was happy to have me. She told me that I was the best lover she could ever of hoped for, that I listened and I knew exactly what to do. No man she said could have ever been as good a student as you. Her daughter and I remain friends to this day. I can see her mom every time I look at her and see her. I have no intentions or desire to have a relationship with her but I do tell her how much I miss her mom.
People can judge these sort of relationships, some can even think them immoral but I am ever so glad Heidi took the time for me. I was in the middle of puberty, confused and highly emotional. She served to calm me and reassure me and give me a gift I could never repay. My relationships with women have all been superb, especially in the bedroom. My marriage is strong and my wife often reminds me how lucky she is to have a man as in touch with a women’s needs as myself. I am so grateful to Heidi for giving me what she did. Oh, I am sure she was happy, but I think it went beyond her happiness.
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You're very Lucky....

People and situation like this are too big to fit into narrow minds, so don't worry what judgemental people would say.
This is a tale of shared love and respect. How can that be anything but beautiful and good? Thankyou for sharing this part of your life. Lucky boy!

So beautiful! What happened to Heidi?

Milkhisway, sadly she passed away five or so years ago. She remained beautiful all the up until then. I visited her often and she felt great comfort in my visits. Fortunately for me I had told my wife, many years ago about the relationship. My wife understood and supported me. I know these days, that would be construed as predatory or something like that. All I can say, is it was love at its best and how can that be wrong. I look back at it all and I can only think she was an angel. She was a class act in all of it.

Absolutely !