It Was So Limited...

... and yet in that limit, I felt comfort. The reason we broke up, the reason we split ways was because I had grown out of it. Not that I thought I was too good for him or that he was a bad person. I just changed and his objectified me didn't. He loved me for who he thought I was, never actually took the time to update that understanding.

This is a perpetual problem I face. I consider myself a great communicator, but even a great communicator needs a listener. I would love to find someone that listens and wants to be listened to. Not someone who statically projects their mental understanding onto another person, but someone who tries to empathize, really tries to feel the other person and understand them.

Funny, I do miss my first love, yet it was also this love that revealed this disturbing aspect of humanity to me. I won't say I'll never love again, I just can't help but see this one fatal flaw in people. It was the one flaw I could not- will not- understand. In understanding this flaw, I would truly sacrifice myself entirely. I never want to do that. Not again.
kevinambrosia kevinambrosia
May 24, 2012