i  was a virgin at 16 and he was in his final year at the university when we met . We both promised each other marriage and loved ourselves infact  i was almost part of his family.He moved out of town to work in another city and after a couple of years, distance played a role in our relationship, he was not in touch and i thot we was having another relationship and forgotten about me. To cut the long story short  i did the most stupid thing. I lost my virginity to another guy and i told him when he came back. I was sorry and i apologised but he did not give me a second chance. I dream of him all my life and never has loved any other man except him. We lost contact for years and just recently, i met his brother and we started communicating again.

We are both married with children but our love is as strong as ever.  We love each other more than our spouses and regretted what happened and wish we could be together again. This will never happen as I feel it will be callous, selfish and wicked to leave our spouses and most especially the kids for the sake of our love. I don't want my children to expereince a polygamy life and i am prepared to sacrifice this love for my children. It is difficult, very, very, we talk daily now from our offices but  has not seen each other because we stay in different continents. We never had sex together but now we are longing to do that. we hope to see very soon and i can not promise myself we would not make love. He is my soulmate and lover. Can i ever forget him and love my husband like i love him. Please help!se
sabosegbose sabosegbose
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sorry i have no answer<br />
you have to follow your heart is all i know and can say<br />
i lost my first love to death and my scond love to death