If You Love Her Just Let Her Know How Much She Means To You

I guess life not about the moments you got your heart annihilated, rather it is the moments that make you feel live, complete and which we call our perfect days. I have known well how it feels when some girl comes into your life, becomes your sweet heart and then leaves you alone, forever. I miss my girlfriend, even one year after she left me. But whenever I look back into my life, I find those days were the best part of my life I have ever lived. You may say it was my mistake to love her so much. Sometimes I also think so. But then I think, given I completely erase her from my memory and some time in life I meet her, will I not fall in love with her again. I guess I will. Be it a mistake, it is worth doing many times.

The day she left me, we shared 15 minutes of silence and a heavy breathe. I could not tell her how much I loved her. May be those words were just not enough.
aditya2064 aditya2064
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2 Responses Jun 23, 2012

I don't think you ever forget your first love,I have spoken to others and we all agree,I still think of mine and we parted nearly 30 yrs ago.

I love how u put feelings into words.. I felt it. Carry on..