First Sight (Part One)

This Is A Story I Made.

Amanda was laying down in my room, thinking do anybody love me?
Amanda say to herself  but theirs one person that will always love me and that "God".
The next day Amanda wake up and found out She was running late so she hope in the shower and wash up got out and got dress.Amanda ran down the hall said where my shoes she found one but the other shoe was not in sight so Amanda went in my room got them other shoes and went out the door. She running to the bus stop saying god pleas don't let this bus be gone.As Amanda came to the bus stop the bus just pull up Amanda was so happy.Amanda Got on the bus it was a lot of kids that was sleep.The bus drop off high school then middle and that us. Now we at my school everybody getting off there bus and their this boy that stop and ask whats my name.i smile and say Amanda and i ask what his name he say John i was like oh cool name.We walk and talk about so pretty cool stuff.He ask How old i'm am, what grade i'm in and all that i answer all the question he ask me.everyday we walk and talk about every thing.The next month he ask me do i want to go out with him.I say yes with a cute smile on my face.We walk and talk about stuff we never talk about i was pretty happy.We stop walking and stop talking and start to kiss Amanda say hold on hold on Stop i don't know how to kiss!"With a sad face" John say well i teach you with a smile on his face.So we went to his house That was around the block and start kissing he put his tough in my mouth and i did the same. John was kissing my neck Then came bake and we kiss again.Then My mom call saying "Where you at"i look at my phone and it was 10:00 i say oh i got to get home!My mom say "get home now"! Amanda say John i have to get home.John say OK i walk you Half way cause i don't want you to get in trouble.Amanda say ok with a smile on her face.They was by Amanda house And John kiss her one more time and say Good Night see you in the morning Amanda say Good Night  and John say I Love You Amanda and Amanda smile and say I Love You to John They both walk away and look back and smile One More Time.

Friday,June 29, 2012
Babydoll09 Babydoll09
13-15, F
Jun 29, 2012